Oldie but Goodie...

Just picked up an older SeaKnife SK17 FG kayak for a ridiculously low price…deck’s a bit faded, hatch strap needs replacement, there was minor damage to the gelcoat on the bilge, looks like it was dropped, and the usual bottom scratches…otherwise, it’s all there and intact. This hard-chine design is one of the first, if not the first, commercially-produced FG kayaks to be built in Newfoundland. The hull looks a lot like the VOLKSKAYAKs I’ve been building and paddling for the past 15 years. Haven’t had a chance to get it out on the water yet, but plan to rectify that in the next day or two.

Looks really nice. I bet it tracks like a train.

Nice find! I have heard of Lindy / Sea Knife kayaks but I don’t recall having seen one during my time in NFLD.

Looks like a stronger tracking Legend or Shadow

Deck’s a bit faded and hatch straps need replacing? That’s it–Let me save you the trouble of fixing these by selling her to me at an even ridiculously lower price than what you paid for it! (I mean hey, you don’t want to have to take it back to whom you got it from with those severe “defects”. :wink: Congrats.