Oldtown Pack question

I’ve read where dropping the seat height in the Pack stabilizes and improves handling. But what happens if you were to move the seat back a couple inches and drop it to some degree? Does anyone know where that balance of seat adjustment improves? Thought I’d ask before I get myself in trouble trying something I shouldn’t. As always, thanks in advance.

paddle safe, LJB.

Seat movement
I lowered the seat in mine by an inch and didn’t see much difference in stability. It feels pretty solid to me in either position. Why do you want to move the seat back? It is aft of center and I would think moving it back will make it bow light.

I read of someone
who had moved the seat back 2 inches, but as you say that would make it bow light. I am interested in dropping the seat a bit, but just how much I can’t tell. Maybe the best way is an inch at a time. Thanks for the reply. LJB.

When I owned a Pack…
I moved the seat FORWARD about 6 inches. I did the same thing on the Wenonah Vagabond I have now, though I only moved it forward about 3 or 4 inches. I want the seat to be where your weight will be right in the center of the canoe when you’re sitting normally and paddling. The seat placement in the Pack was significantly too far back for my tastes.

I don’t think lowering the seat will make much difference. I also RAISED the seat of my Vagabond, to be able to get my fishing tackle box underneath it and also because it is a little more comfortable, a little easier to get in and out of the canoe, and gives me slightly better visibility and ability to fish.

Regarding the OT Pack
I have been paddling, fishing and guiding out of my OT Pack for almost two years and have had it in pretty rough gulf water. I have never felt like I wanted to change anything about it to improve stability. Out on the flats, in mild chop, I stand in it to pole, even caught a good size tarpon last summer and never worried about the boat going over. Played on some little waves last year just to see if the Pack would surf. It did!

Do you feel like you need to change something to gain stability and for what kind of water conditions? Just curious.

I’ve used a Pack
for several seasons now, and use it mainly for back-water fishing and hunting. Stability is not an issue, but paddling from different positions either on or off the seat changes it’s personality. After reading about individuals who have lowered the seat, I thought this might improve the handling. Maybe I should leave well-enough alone. Thought’s?

paddle safe, LJB.

My first solo was a Pack, and I…
…really enjoyed it (now have a graphite Vagabond, have ordered a W kayak). I think the Pack is plenty stable as is, if that’s a concern. I still don’t understand why you’d want to move the seat BACK? I put a closet pole down the inside of the keel to stiffen it as an experiment. Made it faster, but also much tippier. Great boat.

Leaving well enough alone.
This thread has prompted me to revert the seat in mine back to it’s original height. After lowering mine I noticed it was more difficult to enter and exit the canoe, similar in effort and balance as my kayak. I attribute that to the lower seat position; as in my other canoes I have no problems. So I guess as the adage goes…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I moved my seat forward mainly to help with tracking. Placed as far back as it was, it felt almost like sitting in the rear seat of a tandem canoe and paddling solo. I had to put a lot of weight in the front to make the canoe ride level, and it still turned with every paddle stroke unless you used a really strong j stroke. By moving the seat forward, it made the canoe easier to trim and also made it track better and not turn so much with each stroke. And it worked MUCH more efficiently with a double bladed paddle, although I seldom used the double blade. The Pack will never be a good tracking canoe, but that helped.