Olympia to Seattle paddle

Am training for 55mi. for my 55th birthday paddle in one day. Longest paddle to date is a 32 miler, recovered well from that.

Need advice!!! between now and July 25th



Wonderful goal !
I don’t think it will be your longest paddle that will count, but it will probably be time in the saddle.

Each year my wife and I do the Suwannee River 52 mile race, and prior to the race our longest single day is between 35 and forty miles, but prior to that we do the Adirondack 90 miler which is spread over three days.

I can only guess , but if you are already at 30 plus miles and work yourself up to forty five or forty eight miles by going out twice a week and increasing your distance by a couple of miles each time, I don’t think you will have any problem.

We use power gel as our nurishment and mix it with water and take it about every six or seven miles.

Good luck,



Oly to Seattle
Thanks for the reply JackL.

I recovered really quickly from my 32 miler, a bit sore for sure, my control hand/forearm mostly.

Fluids every 15-20min. led to a pit stop about every

1 1/2 hrs., eating I had to be careful for my stomach does NOT like food of any quantity in it at all.

If there are any other suggestions please let me know.

Tanks a lot,


P.S. now if I can somehow get my wife into this ;-O

Olympia proper
or Boston Harbor? In one day? If you hit Dana Passage late in the flood and could make it to the Narrows before the current turns, you’d get a free ride up Covos Passage, and have the current in your favor crossing to Seattle I should think. The only trick is to making it to the Narrows in time.

Crux Move is going to be the Narrows…
…I would look at the currents (significant on the 25th) through the Narrows and figure out how to be there in time to get through before the flood builds. Looks like you have until about 3PM before the going gets tough. As Bowrudder say, Colvos will be flowing north no matter what but I don’t think that the current is ever very significant there.

Have a good one.

Oly to Seattle
I’ll be starting at 0600 a.m. out of Oly proper to catch the end of the flood in Dana Passage, and hopefully get into the Narrows ~ noon to max out on the ebb. I hope the wind behaves, if not I’d like it to come out of the south and give a little push. I just hope that the training is on spot to do this.


Take some V-8 juice with along with water. Sometimes toomuch water can cause hyponatremia resulting in cramps. I used to do century bike rides and found this out the hardway. Good luck-it’s a cool goal.

I did something similar this year in a more modest way. I skied 60 backcountry ski days.