Olympic flatwater training

What sort of training are these guys doing outside of the water?

What exercises drive performance in the kayak (Bench, deadlift, 5k run etc)

Anyone know where to read up on this?


some guides

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Everybody does it a bit different but the basic is lots of base aerobic and weights building toward speed endurance and then pure speed as the competitive season approaches. 4-7km runs both steady state and interval are often used as supplemental aerobic training. Cross country skiing is popular base work in the off season where the water gets hard. Biggest emphasis in weights is chest, back, and core.

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Flatwater Training
The technique is very important, as paddling is not a natural movement. In the old times everybody was doing a lot of weight training, running, swimming, skiing in the winter. Now almost everybody train as much is possible on the water/ergometer. Still a lot of weights lifting with accent for shoulders, chest, back and arms, plus running, swimming. But to succeed in this sport you can’t go around technique. Learn to pull with your back instead your arms, long strokes, sustained pace, and you have the secret.

Good luck and happy paddling.

Jon M.