Olympic Nat. Park Coast ???

Anyone here ever do the entire coastline?

Are there good options for camping if done in two or three stops ?

Any sheltered bail out spots?

Any outfitters ever do this as a tour?

aerial photos

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Never been there physically but that's where I go to dream. Are you aware of this resource? It's aerial photos of the entire coatline of Washington state.


Sea Kayaker Mag
They had an article on that a few issues ago.

Only been
to the Hood Canal across from the park, which was very scenic and mostly undeveloped… I think it was in June which only had isolated rain for about an hour…

Just a ?
Are you allowed to camp just aywhere on the beach in Olympic Natnl.Park? I know in Glacier NP you must camp in the established campgrounds.

done it twice. Neah bay to La Push. sea kayaker article is good. NOT for the timid. typical PNW coastal stuff…tides,surf,bears,etc.

http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~walpole/kayaking.html for some pics.


Answers below
1. yes

2. yes

3. some, but also exposed sections

4. No

Do you know the issue?

Yeah looks kind of nuts

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My friend sent me this video link from trying to surf at La Push--- looks pretty gnarly to me on a big stormy day. Would not want to have to be able to land a longboat if it got nasty.


Maybe we will try backpacking first and end up with a surf session . Will be doing it late fall so i assume that is start of the big nasty swell season.

Walpoles Webpage
Not for the timid huh? That’s an understatement. …



Do you guys wear nose plugs when you paddle ? :wink: .

a BIG thanks for posting the kayak photo site…just awesome pictures! The best collection of kayak shots I have seen…much appreciated.

Point of the Arches it looks like.

typical PNW stuff?
less typical, than the holy mother of all coastlines! i’ve only done it once, on a training course, but from well north of La Push, can’t recall the beach. it was moderately rough, nothing like the photos Steve as in, holy cow! it is a magical spot for sure, huge and dramatic, a massive cape, befitting of the farthest north west corner of the US. it’s so cool, my mates and i are all jealous that it’s not in Canada!

rough seas
Here’s my fav picture of rough seas off la push, in case some haven’t seen it yet - this is the photo from Google Earth of the CG boat vaulting a wave.


you get too much salt water in your mouth.


it’s illegal to do any commercial activity in the ‘park’.


guided tour
Are you sure that prohibition applies to guided sea kayak tours? That would be absolutely insane if it does, because I can’t think of any other place where it would be more beneficial (and life saving) to have an experienced guide along. Anyhow, I thought sports guides of all varieties (hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, etc) were licensed to operate in a lot of places where other commercial activity was forbidden.

Help us find out who to write to and maybe we can start a letter-writing campaign to change that.

Do you know that there are potential guides who would be willing to provide this service if it were allowed (like yourself or your friends?)

Liability and responsibility
I doubt that any legitimate commercial guides would take that on. Huge liability. Seems to me that anyone who should be out there should have the talent to be self-sufficient and be responsible for themselves. Definitely several levels above an E-ticket ride.

Also, being a PNW local I have no interest in seeing guided tours in the park. I won’t help you with your letter writing.

Is that in the park?
I used to fish at both, commercially at LaPush, and I don’t recall they were in the park. Indian reservation as I recall.

Advanced Paddling Venues
There are coaches/guides etc who will take advanced paddlers out in really challenging conditions. Usually they know the people they are taking along and you sign waivers stating that it’s 100% your own risk.

I do agree that I would not like to see large numbers of people taken in this area, that the allure of being able to paddle in conditions, we get enough tourist paddlers here for my taste.