Olympus 1030sw on multi day trips

I’ll be going on a 5 day trip on the Rio Grande in Big Bend Nat’l Park, TX in about three weeks and am looking for a solution for keeping my Olympus 1030sw charged.

From searching, I’ve seen a few ideas (http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1005854) that look promising.

Does anyone else who uses this same model camera have suggestions? Pros/Cons on buying a couple batteries vs going with a solar powered recharger (and if solar, are the right adapters for the charger out there?)?



Might not need anything
I took mine on a 4 day trip last September. I brought a spare battery but did not need to use it.



I bought extra batteries
for mine on Ebay. The’re off brand. I got two for $8.99 plus shipping. They work just as well as the Olympus battery. Sure beats shelling out $39.00 bucks for one. KK

If you take a lot of photos
you can probably go through a couple of batteries a day. A solar cell charger might not be very convenient and is obviously dependent on conditions. I’d probably buy at least 4 batteries and a reliable way to recharge them.

If you’re only taking a hundred photo’s or so on the trip a couple of batteries will be more than enough.

Also pay attention to the milliamp rating on the off brand batteries. Some are pretty weak compared to the OEM battery.


charge life similar to Pentax?
If charge life is similar to the Pentax Optio’s battery, I have done trips up to 10 days using 2 batteries, and in each case taking a couple of gigabytes of photos and videos in the time.

One caveat on off-brand
I have an old 720, and several years ago I got mad waiting for Plympus to get some batteries in stock. I Googled, bought some off-brand spares and a spare charger for the price of an Oly battery. But the off-brand ones do not fit in the battery compartment as cleanly as the Oly does. And now the adhesive covering is peeling, making insertion and removal even more difficult.


Thanks for the advice thus far…

Tommy- nice pictures! However I think that I do take a lot of pictures and noticed on my last overnight trip, the battery barely lasted two days (http://gallery.me.com/ryanfernandes#100128&bgcolor=black&view=grid&sel=50),

Jim- thanks for the heads up on the milliamp ratings, I didn’t even think to check on that (I found some on ebay)