On An Adventure of Its Own

Some of you know Randel Washburne as an early pioneer of Pacific Northwest kayaking. Some of you may have spent a night or two in one of the cabins that he built for BC coastal travelers, purchased one of his kayak carts or read about some of his early adventures.

Just recently he posted a story on his Facebook page about a kayak he had experience with that had taken an expedition on its own and returned safe and sound. For those of you who don’t do Facebook I have posted the story on my blog. It’s short and like everything Randel writes is enjoyable.


Great read!

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Short but sweet. Randy has a good body of trip reports, odds and ends, etc. Paddlers of a certain age carry such great history around in their heads. Did you read his “Seymour Inlet Portage” from 1985? Good grief.

No. Will have to take a look. Thanks!

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A delightful story but I’m not sure what impresses me most. That the kayak toured the area on its own or that a group of paddlers decided to paddle across the Bering Strait to the Soviet Union.

It’s so nice to read of not-so-ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Thanks, Jon!

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Cool read, thanks for sharing!

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