On bulkheads, perimeter lines, etc

I think it’s true that having both bow and stern bulkheads is an important safety feature on any kayak you plan on paddling on large bodies of water. Float bags accomplish the same thing, but you have to figure a way to secure them so they don’t float out and you would have little room for gear.
As far as perimeter lines, is it better to have than to have not? Sure. But to say that Celia, Willoleaf and others have overstated their importance is like saying Death Valley is hot in July. They are like: oh my God! You bought a kayak without perimeter lines?! You must be insane or ignorant. You are going to die. Yeah, some day, but not because my recreational kayak doesn’t have perimeter lines.
The truth is, today, thousands of people are going to hit the water in sit-in kayaks that don’t have two bulkheads or perimeter lines. If I’m insane, stupid, or ignorant, I have a lot of company.
Wear your life jacket. Know your limitations. That’s what’s going to keep you safe.

And you’re a troll.


Bulkheads and float bags don’t accomplish the same thing. Back to the videos.

Thousands drive drunk daily but it doesn’t make it right.

I think you’re lonely.


I actually feel very sorry for anyone that is so desperate for attention they have to resort to behavior like that.


Amen to that! Maybe taking a typing course.

Pontificate needlessly less, paddle more.


You can always add perimeter lines to a kayak that did not come with them.

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I believe I was the first to respond to you when you came here a few months back @SOTconvert I thought you had a strange name for someone that had an awful experience with a SOT, but like me you were looking for something to get you on the water that you could handle outside of the water and you seemed like you were older with some health issues and didn’t want to give up on paddling quite yet.

You started endless threads asking for information on subjects you didn’t understand and the advice you were given you ether didn’t acknowledge or you argued against as time went on you skipped asking the question and just took an opinion from another thread and started a thread opposite of what someone knows the subject has advised you.

This thread is the final straw as far as I’m concerned and I may well be the last person here even still reading your posts. You started this thread to target a couple members that have knowledge beyond yours on a subject you have no first hand knowledge of just opinion.

It is a shame in a way because I’m also a fan of rec-boats kayaks and canoes and the openness they provide and have tried to be constructive in actually doing and showing what I have done to help myself and others around me having a safer and better overall experience with open boats in conditions they are made for. I don’t have deck lines on our rec-kayak or our canoe. I do run painter lines that become assessable from the water and have long cockpits that have grip points for controlling the boat when in the water. We can have these conversations but not in this thread that’s main purpose is to showcase you and your ill guided opinions.

Add me to the list of people that no longer read what you write. :expressionless:


I picked the name SOTconvert because, at the time, I hadn’t bought one yet and thought it would be something I’d like.
Who’s picking on who. Celia and Willowleaf have repeatedly made insulting remarks about me and twisted everything I say to make it sound like I was saying something I’m not.
They may know some things, but they have repeatedly made statement that anybody with an IQ over ten would know to be false. Celia’s statement about paddling a canoe with a kayak paddle not resulting in water in the boat, for instance. And I disagree that they know more than me. They know more than me about certain aspects of kayaking. They know next to nothing about canoes and I’ve studied boat design for many years.
To be honest, I don’t read most of the replies I get. So the reason I don’t reply to them isn’t because I disagree or I don’t respect the opinion, I just haven’t read it. I just don’t have the time or emotional energy to read all of them.

Cool then I really can’t understand some of the questions.


Seems like you have tons of time. I’m retired for the summer I have to much time also.

I feel like your statement above too.

Uh, huh, sure you don’t. That’s why you go on to create new threads refuting the replies you got. You’re not fooling anyone. Not about this, and not about your so-called experience. And it’s a shame, really, because so many people here were willing to help you. That’s past-tense.


It seems pretty insulting to know that you just do not care what anyone else has to share (which I thought was the purpose of a forum). If you don’t read the replies, why do you keep starting “new” topics? I use quotation marks because most are actually the same topic, but appear to be for the purpose of arguing or complaining about other members. Your statement really doesn’t make you look very good. It makes it look like you just want to say your piece (repeatedly), and that only your opinion counts. I did a wee bit of sleuthing, and found that in the short time you have been a member, you had at that point read 116 topics, but started 53! That is quite a ratio, and in my opinion says a lot.