On Shenandoah hunting Musky on Monday.

I obviously have not put in my 10,000 casts yet. Working a Blue Fox Musky Buck #5 Tandem over eddies below a small ledge on the Main Stem from my Pungo(Classic 12) I did get a couple of nibbles. But other than bits of weed all I hauled in was a fairly hefty chunk of rusty steel (probably remains of a piece of car or truck). The OT seat padding, add’l. rigging, and OT paddle holder I added are useful. I still have to settle on a rod holder arrangement. I’m hesitant to hole saw a large hole for the Berkley holder I bought and then find out I don’t want it there.

Muskie are few
and far between on the 'Doah ShenRiver. I know only a handful of dedicated fisher-folk who’ve actually boated one. The mainstem is your best bet. Although I DO know where at least one 30"+ lives on the south fork, but I’m keepin mum about him (her?)…been chasing after for 5 years now. Never caught one yet although I have seen ‘em a time or 3. He’s my own personal “Walter” (if you remember the movie ‘On Golden Pond’)

You really want to go after the toothy critters…get thee unto the James river. From Buchanon down to Snowden Dam (about 20 miles worth of river) is prime muskie huntin’ water. Watch out for Balcony Falls at Glasgow though…gets a little lumpy through there.