? on switching from canoe to Kayak

I am a novice in the Kayak arena and need some training. I am located in the Eastern North Carolina and I am looking for a place to learn some techniques of Kayaking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can also use some ideas on used kayaks in the area? And I go to the beach a lot can I put a Kayak in the ocean?



just joking. :slight_smile:

take lessons and demo lots of boats.

Sea kayaks, as the name implies, are intended for the sea, so paddlers with skills can and do take sea kayaks into the ocean.

Kayak, ocean
You can definately put a kayak in the ocean. The question to ask is, do you have the skills to be in that kayak?

There have been days that I thought that was my mistake - I should have just sent the boat out without me. She’d have done much better alone.

Seriously, as suggested above you need to take lessons, take opportunities to demo boats (even if you have to drive a distance to do it - in the long run it’ll be worthwhile).

You have …
You have one of the premier places (near you) to take kayak, canoe, raft, rescue classes in the United States. Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City, North Carolina.

You can get private instruction there, or take multiple day classes. Check out their website.


Kayaks in the ocean
Kayaks are GREAT for the ocean… IF they have watertight compartments in bow and stern, are at least 15 feet long, and have v-shaped hulls. They are called sea kayaks.

The ocean is a VERY dangerous place, so if you’re going to go out there, please get some lessons or at least read some books about sea-kayaking.

And because they train for WW, rec, and
sea kayaking, you can select your preferred direction in one place. Nearby lakes such as Calderwood are excellent for sea kayaks.