On the canal......

What fun! Do you get to sleep on the boat?


That makes it even more fun.

Boat can sleep 8, but we only had 6

What canal? I rented a canalboat on the Erie Canal a few years back. Lotta fun - kept bikes and a kayak on the cabin deck.

Llangollin canal in Wales, UK

Is that a narrowboat?


I’ve watched a vlog by a narrowboater (this guy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6SNxiLzSlh8e0yjndE9o_A), and never quite figured out how the beds were lined up on a boat so narrow. Seems like the living quarters would be rather cramped.

The boat that we were on had two double beds, two singles and the dining room seats convert into beds, we didn’t have to use them. The corridor to walk past the two double beds and the two bathrooms (one with shower) was quite narrow. We did meet quite a few people that lived on these boats year round. RV on the water! Seen them equipped with solar panels as well.