On the water again (day 2&3)

Got out for another 45 min paddle inside the breakwater on day 2. Really calm so I decided to paddle some on the outside on the way back. I was really surprised how much even the little ripple coming from the side was disturbing. I was wondering what I was going to feel like on a normal Corpus Christi day (15-20 mph).

A few days later I was ready for day 3. Woke up at about 5am to thunder and lightning. Went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30. For about an hour I watched the radar with the intensity of an World War II English corporal trying to plot the path of incoming German bombers. Only I was tracking thunderstorms and not bombers. Finally I had everything plotted and knew I had a window of opportunity and went for it.

Wind was light (around 10) and I paddled easily along the inside of the breakwater. At the 2nd opening I noticed that there was actually a little wave action coming in from the bay. It was small, probably 1.5 feet, but coming into the shallows by the breakwater it was steepening pretty quickly. Going out I got of couple of pretty good bow slaps as I dropped off the top. The first ride in I really did not catch anything so I decided to try another run. I missed the first wave, but then I timed it right and caught the 2nd wave. The rear of the kayak jumped up and just hung there with the bow pointing downward. The boat just took off chasing the wave I had just missed. Now this was now where near the biggest wave I have surfed nor nearly as fast as I have run down a wave. Still my stomach jumped up into my throat like I was zooming down a 6 footer at 12 mph.

I have to get out and do some rolling practice so I can feel comfortable when it comes time to catch some real waves. Can’t wait.