On the water again (without Willie)

The last time I went paddling was almost 2 yrs ago. And then that was just a couple of days when I put the canoe on the new trailer for a test run. And then everything went back into storage. It has been 4 or more years since I had the kayak in the water.

So after getting a new license for the trailer, digging through mounds of stored stuff to find a missing float bag, and making sure the other equipment was in shape for paddling I finally got back out on the bay in the kayak.

Some of the things I learned (or relearned):

  1. The now 15yr old Mariner Elan is one sweet ride.

  2. The Lumpy paddle still feels great in the hands and great when pulled through the water.

  3. When it comes to getting a kayak ready to transport, loading up with gear at the put-in, and getting unloaded at the end of the trip I am still the world’s slowest person. Not doing it for the last 4yrs did not help me get any faster.

  4. I still have no clue how to back up a trailer

  5. South Texas Sept. mornings are very hot and humid and trying to paddling before the wind comes up is actually not a great idea unless you really like heat-stroke.

  6. I really like being on the water.


Welcome back!
I am glad that mice did not enjoy your stored gear!

Welcome Back…!

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Hi Mark... Been missing your posts and was even thinking about you a couple of weeks ago...


  1. I really like being on the water.
    Probably sums it up for all of us… there is just something special about being on the water. Glad you are back.