one bulkhead - need float?

I’ve ordered a new Pungo 120 Ultralite, which has only one bulkhead (in the stern). My previous kayak (Tsunami 125) had bulkheads in both the stern and bow. Obviously, they are very different boats. Question: Do I need to have a float in the bow of the Pungo? I know that Pungo’s rarely flip, but for my own peace of mind, if a bow float would make recovering from a capsize easier, I will get one. If it will make no absolutely no difference in how the capsized boat reacts, I’ll skip it. Thanks for your help!

get one
even though the boat might not completely sink filling as much of the bow as practical will make it MUCH easier to empty should you wet exit.

Did you ever hear of
Cleopatra’s needle? A float bag in the bow will help prevent this.

not just easier to empty…
Not just easier to empty, but also easier to re-enter. If the only flotation is in the back, the boat will be sticking out of the water by its stern should you get flooded/flipped/whatever. Be almost impossible to get back in and drained.

By having flotation up front, the boat will float level, which makes it easier to re-enter and pump out.

Make sure the flotation is attached up front, otherwise if you do flip, the flotation will float out of the boat.

does it have
a foam block up front? I would swamp it in waist-deep water and see how it behaves and find out how easy or difficult it is to empty… if it has a foam block in the bow you may need split float bags.

on my little Pamlico I’m able to stuff a drybag with spare clothes in front of the foot pegs, which acts as makeshift floatation also, the foot pegs hold it in.

I think they’re important.
Just yesterday we were practicing rescuing rec. boats (single and tandem). It’s amazing how quick the bow submerges without any flotation.

It’s easy to make your own:

pungo 120 swamped
I’ve dunked mine. Only one bulkhead and the small foam block in the bow. Boat will stay level, but full of water. Upon entry, you will be too low in the water to bail or pump…unless you can pump or bail VERY FAST!! I managed to get into mine and paddle to shore…where I COULD dump, and bail. I must say though…the boat was just a bit ‘tipsy’ while filled with water, me, and paddling. Quite fun if you WANT to play. I’d add a float bag up in the bow…just for the added boyancy.

DIY bag question
I assume you are the columbiakayaker ?

For the float bag - you have clear tube going out, there is a twist valve on one end, adapter on the other. Where did you source the twist valve?

NRS has them

Thanks! NM

What is …Cleopatra’s needle?

Cleopatra’s Needle
=swamped Pungoid

I own a Prijon Calabria w/ single…
…dry hatch, like yours.

It came with a Prijon front float bag.

He’s right - I picked them up from NRS. I bought 10 or 20 of them, figuring I’d come up with a variety of uses for them.