One Kayak....Two Cockpit Sizes

I’m baffled. (No, it doesn’t take much.) The entire Tsunami line has the same cockpit and spray skirt size from both Harmony and Seals…until you get to the 175. (Harmony sizing remains the same 36/19.) Nylon cockpit covers and spray skirts in the Seals line are size 2.2, and neoprene are still 1.7. Dimensions don’t seem to be that different from the 165. Any ideas?

While I’m at it, anyone have any extensive experience with both the 165 and 175 Tsunami’s? (Yes, aside from being gigantic, not very fast, and lacking rocker…but isn’t that partly why Wilderness sells so many of that line?)



Unclear what you don’t understand
This is fairly normal in a lot of kayak lines. But what is unclear is why this is confusing to you.

Do you have any time in something like a sea kayak, where fit is a more prevalent concern?

The entire Tsunami line
Has the same “Seals” size Celia. (1.7)EXCEPT for the 175. Harmony uses the same size throughout the line.

I understand that neoprene sizing may be different than nylon, but ONLY in one boat??? I found that curious. Although I’ve demoed quite a few of what you might term “real” sea kayaks, I have been content with my 145 Tsunami for the past few years. It’s… just plain comfortable.

Width, length and stretch
All of my husband’s boats but one take the same size neo deck spray skirt. The cockpits tend to be varying dimensions, but the overall square inches are the same. Different manufacturers etc. But he takes an average person’s size kayak. Most of our paddling friends of an average size don’t require different neo skirts for every boat.

My cockpits are all varying versions of small, and the diff is enough that I need different skirts.

I may easily be different for nylon skirts - we haven’t used them in a long time so I wouldn’t know.

could it be that the 175
…just has a larger coaming because it’s meant for larger people? It’s marketed that way.

If you think that’s bad, just wait until you add more boats to the fleet!

You two are “Hardened” paddlers…
I’m not going there…

This is still the conundrum of one boat…one company…one size…same boat…two sizes…

Ohhh Bother!

And I still don’t see the problem

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It is even more impossible to tell why this is a problem for you. You have a boat you like, I presume a skirt that works with it... why would you care if the sizing of a skirt for a different boat than you would use anyway is different across manufacturers?

Honestly, if it is that annoying you could just call the skirt manufacturers and ask them. Seals in particular is a very accessible bunch.

And by the way, use of a neo deck skirt doesn't make someone a "hardened paddler". It just means that we prefer to worry about other things than fussing with a skirt that won't stretch with us.

My Guess
My guess would be that the 175 has a slightly larger cockpit opening.

The neoprene skirt is able to stretch to fit all the sizes of the Tsunamis, but the limit of the nylon skirt was reached at the 165 so the 175 requires a larger size nylon skirt since they don’t stretch.

Uh, no.
I’m not sure what you’re looking at, but according to Wilderness Systems the Tsunami line all have cockpits of different sizes.

  • SP: 32 x 18
  • 120: 35.5 x 19
  • 125: 36 x 20
  • 135: 35 x 18.5
  • 135 Pro: 35 x 18.5
  • 140: 35.5 x 19.5
  • 140 Pro: 35.5 x 19.5
  • 145: 35.5 x 19.5
  • 160: 35 x 18.75
  • 160 Pro: 35 x 19
  • 165: 35.5 x 19.25
  • 165 Pro: 35 x 19
  • 175: 36 x 20
  • 175 Pro: 36 x 20

    So, the 125, 175, and 175 Pro all share the same large size. And that’s only 0.5 inches longer and 0.5 inches wider than the next largest cockpits in the 140, 140 Pro, and 145.


I’m glad you also see the point of the question.

Best wishes,


not me, but I don’t like nylon skirts
I think if I added a boat to the fleet, I’d assume I’d have to add another skirt also. And depending on the boat - maybe another paddle!

You’ll know I’m a hardened kayaker when you see me at the end of the exit ramp with five boats, with a sign asking for work.

1/2" is negligible
Depending on the QC it might even be less (or more). Skirt for one should fit the other.

Key Hole Cock pit…
If you have ever sat in the 175… you see right away why the cock pit size is different. The pitch and width though out are a completely different concept - it is designed for a Large volume person - just because the length and width are the same, does not mean the skirt will be - it is a “key hole” cock pit, and they vary from kayak to kayak - Joe does a great job at Seal to make sure that this difference fits correctly.