One Laser is NOT USCG Approved!

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As a preface, I simply was following up on a prior thread in which people wondered if the new lasers were USCG approved. I asked one company politely and respectfully. Here is the answer. I do not intend any criticism or endorsement here, in keeping with the spirit of our forum. I have my own reactions to this, and will use this information to guide my own decision to use these products. I post this as helpful information for you all to use or not in your choices. Your own reactions and comments always appreciated.

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Dear Greatland Laser
I am an instructor and leader in our kayak club. Please state whether your lasers are USCG approved for the North East coast, Maine, R.I., MA, CT, NY, etc.

Dear Evan,
We did not bother to get CG approval as the process is antiquated as far as
new technology goes. We figure folks are smart enough to supplement a short
burn pyrotechnic flare with our product. See for
more information.

I taped a Magnum flare to my paddle and use it all the time for a variety of

Best Regards

Jim O'Meara
P.O. Box 2042
Homer Alaska
907 235 4198
907 223 5999 cell

Trying to figure out…
Just what “variety of applications” a laser taped to one’s paddle might be used for.

I can’t even think of one.

Wow. Didn’t “bother”?

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"We did not bother to get CG approval as the process is antiquated as far as
new technology goes."

So, to make the process more efficient, the Coast Guard should speed up the process? How about selling CG approved stickers on busy freeway off ramps? Who needs extensive research, right?

I can see it now. A boater drowns because no one sees him waving his red light, then his spouse decides to sue the Coast Guard because after all, he's NOT really responsible for the safe navigation of -his- vessel, filing a float plan or carrying the proper safety gear, but he did have a 'USCG Approved' sticker on him.

What a set of brass ones.