One Lure Challenge - Invitation

Saturday, June 2, 2007 –

The One Lure Challenge

On June 2, 2007, ShenandoahRiverRat and I (with l1ranger from another board) are hosting an all-species, for-fun, catch-and-immediate release, honor-system open tournament on the Shenandoah River. The catch is that you may only use one lure. You may present that lure however you like, but only fish caught on that one lure count. In the presentations you choose, the lure must be the primary attractant. For instance, if you pick a 3” white grub as your “one lure”, you may only use 3” white grubs. You may Carolina rig them, Texas rig them, toss them weightless, put them on jigheads, whatever. But you may not use them as a trailer on a spinner-bait. In that case, the spinner-bait is the primary attractant and not the 3” white grub. If you lose a lure, or wear it out, you may replace it with the same type, color, and size lure. The judges/sponsors reserve the right to modify the rules as we see fit. At random. And to our own benefit. Pretty much like a game of quarters except that participants don’t get a vote.

We have some categories thought out, and some we’ll make up some on the spot for purposes of equity, fairness, humor, and random harassment.

To participate, notify ShenandoahRiverRat or me by Saturday, May 26. Then come to the VDGIF landing by the low-water bridge in Bentonville, VA (if you need directions, let us know when you notify us of your interest) by 8:00AM to register. Jeff Kelble (God willing and the creek don’t rise) will provide a talk about activities of the Shenandoah RiverKeeper and how fishermen can help that effort. Participating fishermen will be given a log sheet to record information about their catch. We’ll ask you to assure us that you have some reasonable means to measure your catch, and then you go fish whatever section of the Shenandoah you like with whomever you like. We’ll presume that whomever you choose to fish with is in agreement with that arrangement, but really that’s up to you. The ramp would make a convenient put-in or take-out spot, but there are a number of other floats within an easy drive from that location.

There will be an over-blown faux weigh-in spectacle back at the VDGIF ramp at 6:00PM where fishermen will turn over their log sheets. Prizes will be awarded for winning in any of the various categories which you may or may not know existed, or for whatever reason the judges deem appropriate.

If you are interested in donating a prize, please contact Big D or ShenandoahRiverRat or l1ranger if you know him – please remember that if the prizes are of good quality that l1ranger is a pirate and DoahRiverRat is verging on senility. All the really good donations should go to Big D, who will conveniently be unable to provide a receipt.

There will be an after-party and barbeque at l1ranger’s house, which is pretty much casting distance from the VDGIF ramp. Directions will be provided at the faux weigh-in spectacle (You see that house over there where all the people are drinkin’? That’s it!). We’ll have some burgers, chips, and drinks available, but you are welcome to bring your own meat or whatever else you want (except hookers) (or mimes) (or drugs that l1ranger doesn’t like) to supplement. There is a fire ring, so guitars and/or talent will be especially appreciated.

This tournament is not an official function of anything. Not of the Shenandoah RiverKeeper, not of this web site, not of anybody or anything. It’s just some folks getting together for fun. Participation is at your own pleasure and your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety, sanity, and compliance or complications for non-compliance with laws or rules of the tournament. Decisions of the judges are final, or at least valid until we change our minds.

At this time, we are not planning to have an entry fee. If there is an entry fee, it will be marginal and will be intended to cover expenses and nothing more. More information on that closer to the date. We will be passing the hat at the after-party to benefit the Shenandoah RiverKeeper.

In the highly unlikely event that the Shenandoah is blown out or that the low-water bridge is submerged in early June, we’ll look to the Potomac – particular location to be identified later. If both the Shenandoah and Potomac are both blown out or if we have to delay for weather, the rain-date is Saturday, June 9.

  • Big D

Forgot to mention
If you’re interested in coming and camping before, after, or both, the launch site and the after-party are convenient walking distance from this campground:

It’s a nice, family-run campground. You’ll have to make your own arrangements with them.

  • Big D

"Bordering on Senility?!?!?!
Why I’m highly insulted sir…and if you were here right now I’d…

oh… look at the cute wittle squirrel…

Seriously, I know there’s a bunch of you people on here in the general area of the Shenandoah, garyr, Mike McCrea, etc…come on out guys,meet some good people of, anbd not of, this board, and others and help support a good cause: Jeff Kelbe and his efforts as the Shenandoah River Keeper. It’s gonna be a hoot!

BTW…digital cameras to record your catch would be good…'cause we don’t trust any of you people as far as we could pick you up and throw ya.

I’m game…
Haven’t even had my hand me down canoe in the water yet but I’ll come out for fishing and make a spectacle of myself.

one lure
big D, i just got home from the hospital a half hour ago. my back pain got so bad all i could do was lie on the floor. doc said driving and sitting too long will make my pain flair up , but if its not too bad i’ll be there. i haven’t been fishing since last sept and sure hope i can get back to it soon. tell the guys at the jame’s river i’m sorry to not make it…mikey

Shluld require everyone use one of these

Hope you can make it Mikey
Between your shoulder and your back, you’ve got to be getting tired of doctors. I won’t be at the James either, but I think Hersh is planning to go. He’ll see the message and pass it along.

I’m hoping you can make the One Lure Challenge. I already know your lure - a 4" pink grub! I never did see a body pull in fish as fast and easy as you can with those things. Sheesh, I recall beating the snot out of some bushy cover and getting skunked, only to have you come along right behind me and pull three bass from it. Daggone, that’s good fishing!!!

  • Big D

tnx D, i’m really out of practice now. it really showed at the new river last year. i think i only got out a half dozen times last year. i’m really looking forward to this . i’ll be in touch soon…mikey

Northern Pike…
I’ve caught many Northern Pike with the pocket fisherman…one trip I remember to this day …at first the Turkish men who guided us laughed, until they saw it in action…

Lake Cay’ Turkey, 1971

Also to mention that I’ve been in touch with Erick Bell, the founder of the One Lure Challenge concept as reported in the article on P-net and that we are using the name “One Lure Challenge” with his permission and cooperation.

  • Big D

Further information
Well, we’re getting close.

Here’s the plan at this point, subject to change (hopefully) with notice.

We’re going to meet at Bentonville, VA’s Low-water bridge VDGIF ramp at 8:00 on Saturday the 2nd. ShenandoahRiverRat is going to work with Jeff (Shenandoah RiverKeeper) to get some last minute suggestions of where Jeff needs data on the Shenandoah. If Jeff needs data on nearby tribs, they’ll count towards the competition. They’ll have directions to recommended put-ins/take-outs at the sign in. (right guys?) Note that you’re free to float any part of the Shenandoah you like so long as you make it to the sign in at 8:00 and get us your sheets by 6:00 (or so).

The competition remains just for fun. The categories will run from the usual & customary all the way to ridiculous & sublime. Many of them will be made up on the spot. The prizes at this point are minimal. Many of the categories may have no prizes and be for bragging rights, and/or teasing rights of others.

For the party, we’ll get you started but you’re going to have to finish yourselves up. We’ll have a hot grill big enough to cook whatever you want to bring, some plates, napkins, waters, chips, and maybe a few other important things. You bring what you want to cook in your coolers. If you’re paddling light or wading, we’ll have a cooler at the ramp you can put stuff in. We’ll transport it to the party and you can pick it up there.

Be prepared for up to a $10 entry fee. We haven’t decided and continue to try to avoid, but there are a few expenses that we need to cover.

Bring a pen and something to write on (i.e., clipboard, kayak deck, leg) so that you can fill in your scorecards. Which reminds me, I’ve got to order some waterproof paper.

Bring a camera, preferably digital if you’ve got one you’re willing to take on the water.

You’ll have a chance to see the river at the ramp before you select your one lure, but you’ll be expected to select your one lure before you leave the sign in area, whether you plan to fish from there or take a different float.

Return to the sign in area by 6:00. l1ranger has opened his yard (but not his house) for us to use if anyone finishes the float earlier than 6:00. We’ll annouce winners in whatever categories we decide to have at the after-party. Remember the part about this being a twisty road with a one-lane low-water bridge. If you plan to drink, don’t plan on driving. There’s Low-Water Bridge Campground right there (l1ranger is seeing what he can see with them and will post any announcements he has here), plus you’re welcome to pitch a tent in l1ranger’s yard if you can find a suitable flat spot. They’ll be at a premium.

Be prepared to make a donation to the Shenandoah RiverKeeper at the after-party. If you’re in a financial position where you’d have to choose between making a donation to the RiverKeeper and paying an entry fee if there is one, PLEASE let us know quietly and we’ll keep it to ourselves. We’d rather you make the donation to RiverKeeper. If we have an entry fee and there are funds left over after covering expenses, those funds will be donated to the RiverKeeper.

Looking forward to it, folks. Ought to be fun.

  • Big D

Come on Garbo…
as often as we’ve dug into each other on BandB…would love to put a face to name, and you’re just up north a ways from us. You can be there in a little over an hour’s drive.

And anyone else within a decent driving (or indecent driving) distance is more than welcome.

Ya’ll come-on now…

There’s a bunch of you around MD,VA

– Last Updated: May-10-07 5:53 PM EST –

As far as whether or not you care to be decent while driving to the event, please have something covering the easily sunburned parts at the ramp.

CountryBoy, if you're still planning on coming, I'll work with you a bit on controlling your canoe if you like. Sorry we haven't been able to work out getting together, but work has gone nuts. I haven't had any river time since early April.

- Big D

Still Planning on It
Just need to get on the water first. I’d hate to be a COMPLETE noob at the tournament. I hear you on work, I live in Shenandoah county and work in Alexandria. Its no peach. :slight_smile:

Suggestion for Countryboy
I’m planning to use my Coleman Scanoe and have a buddy of mine in the boat. If you don’t mind getting a little later start ('cause being an organizer I’ll want to be sure folks get off on their adventures before I start mine), why don’t you just tag along with us and don’t worry about whether you get experience before the event? I’ll give you a lesson to get started. The river’s mellow right there at the launch, a perfect spot for learning. If you’re reasonably coordinated and able bodied, it’ll only take about fifteen minutes to have you under way. Then you start learning from experience.

My buddy won’t worry about it. He’ll just take my boat or wade until we’re ready to start.

I’ll be learning to row, so we can make fools of ourselves together.

  • Big D

Sounds good to me…
I’m reasonably coordinated so I’m sure I’ll do terribly. :wink: Thanks.

Just in case
It wouldn’t hurt to have a spare set of dry clothes in your car. :slight_smile:

  • Big D

Oh I will…
Hell the old coleman that was given to me is to heavy to put on top of the jeep without screwing the paint up. Haven’t been able to even get in it until saturday so I’m sure this will provide a bit of humor for all. :slight_smile: I’ll be too worried about paddling, much less catching fish!

Get a couple pool noodles.
You can put pool noodles between the canoe and the car. For me, I’ve got a '92 Ranger and don’t much care whether I screw up the paint. There’s a big scratch on the side and sometimes folks will say, “Looks like you lost a little paint.” And my reply is, “It’s not lost. I know exactly which pylon in Chincoteague has that paint on it.”

  • Big D

I take it rain ruined it?