One Method for Overhead Kayak Storage

-- Last Updated: Apr-29-08 9:13 PM EST --

Someone asked a question about hanging their kayak recently. I am in the process of building an overhead kayak-storage hoist for a friend. Here are a couple photos of the type of boat cradle being used.

Click the "full size" button for a better view (and on some computers, you have to re-click on the image itself after doing that to view an "expansion" button which also must be clicked. No idea why Webshots works differently when accessed from different computers).

I'll post photos of the winch and the rope-and-pulley system once that stuff is installed. Basically, a single hand-cranked winch will raise and lower the whole boat.

You might want to …
… replace one of the clips on each hanger with something that is easier to attach/detatch. Like a spring clip instead of the screw-type you have. But if not in a hurry, these work well and are strong -:wink:

I considered that option
I probably would have put a spring hook on one side if this were for me, but this was built for someone who’s better-off with something that will never need to have parts replaced. If she doesn’t care for it the way it is, I can still put a spring hook on one side.