One Ocean kayak Cirrus?

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Anyone have one anywheres near me? South Carolina?

I don't mind a drive and am seriously thinking about getting a kit but want to touch and feel and paddle one for an hour or so before commiting.

Thanks in advance,



Ask designer?
Did you ask One Ocean for names of builders in your area? I know Pygmy was happy to give me a list when I was thinking about building.

test paddle of Cirrus
Hi Paul,

I too tried to find someone who had one for a test paddle, looking in my area (Southern N.E.) Vaclav doesn’t have a test fleet, which of course means he is uninterested in having one and dealing with the costs and issues associated with demos.

I did stop by his shop and looked at the kayaks there. He was generous with his time. The Cirrus looked good on the bench but that doesn’t replace the experience of a test paddle. I would still like to arrange take a test paddle in my area.

Good luck,


I have sent e-mails to three
builders in my area. Hopefully one will respond. Vaclav did not know the status of any of the builds so they might still be in kit form for all I know.

I really like the design principles and I am the perfect target weight at 210 lbs. I am just about convinced that this is the boat but again, i would really like to test paddle one even for a few minutes so I can paddle forwards and backwards, check stability and leans, etc etc. Woudln’t take more than about 20 minutes especially if we were on the ocean.


don’t you have one?


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Yes, I do, and I thought we were going to be heading down your way last winter to do some paddling. I knew you were considering the Cirrus and was going to get in touch with you then. Unfortunately our plans changed - that's why you didn't hear from me.

I live in northern Maryland about an hour west of Baltimore, so I don't know how practical it would be for you to try to test paddle mine. However, if we were able to work out the logistics, you'd be welcome to take it for a nice long outing.

Someplace on the Chesapeake Bay would definitely be workable - preferably someplace with interesting enough conditions that you could get a good feel for it. The Potomac River opens up a bit down towards the mouth and should have some respectably interesting conditions. Those would be a couple of venues worth considering.

Let me know if you aren't able to get a test paddle close to home and we should be able to work something out.

definitely a go.
Looks like you are about 500 miles from me which is doable. Even less if we met somewhere on the Chesapeake.

Haven’t heard a word form the other builders and I have no idea the status of their build so I will take you up on your kind offer.

will send an e-mail shortly.


e-mail sent NM