One of my glued fins to my SUP is cut, what do I do?

So I have a stand up paddleboard and I have 3 fins - 2 of them are glued to the paddle board and the 3rd one has to be inserted every time I take the SUP to the water. One of the glued fins recently came off and half of it is glued and the other half is sticking off the surface. Could I get some advice on what I can do to fix this issue? I was thinking of using a hot glue gun but I am unsure if it will damage the paddleboard. Thank you in advance.

HI there. Hot glue is a not a good idea. Did your iSUP come with a repair kit? If so, clean up the fin base and attachment area with some kind of solvent, and then use the adhesive in your repair kit to reattach the fin. If you don’t have a repair kit, don’t buy that brand SUP again, and purchase a marine adhesive to use to reattach it.

Hello. I did not get a repair kit with the iSUP, so I will have to buy one. Thanks for the advice and have a great day.

Marine epoxy.

West System G Flex epoxy…