One out one in Ritchie Compass

One leaked on my 02 CD Expedition. New one F-50 has easier to read numbers.

Weekend project :smiley:

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My Tahsis has a compass mount location on the deck but I’ve never had the heart to cut open my hull. So I just use a clip on.

As I have aged , I find the location of the compass recess on most kayaks too far forward that makes it very difficult to read the compass if it is mounted in the recess.

I have to slide my seals deck bag back to see compass if it’s on deck. I can then read it easily. Some of my boats have them built in some don’t. Luck of the draw when you buy used.

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That looks like a nice improvement!

I mount the deck bag on the Mirage slightly off center for a couple of reasons - one is to see the compass. (The other is so that the sail can lay flat on the deck when not deployed). The Mirage also has a compass recess, but it’s under where the deck bag sits, so I have a clip on as well.

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Well wrong compass old one is shallower

no clue how to fill
l and seal it.

fillis is on right side

topkayaker didn’t have one so this one goes back to Amazon.

contacted Ritchie see what they said. Guess i get lost for now and paddle in circles. :joy:

that piece of sealant pushed out.

Took one I had on my CD Titan says no refill cry :sob:

At least if you paddle in circles you’ll get back to where you started … eventually.


think I’ll try to fill it myself. drill out fill for machine bolt and sealant. Stole one from Titan for now.

Well Ritchie never answered me or topkayaker so I bought one from Current Designs. Paid more but I got it. Ritchie doesn’t list it on their page, TK does nut says out or stock.