One person lift and drop - best way?

What is the best method for one person to use when lifting a canoe to portage, and when placing it on the ground? The article in Guidelines only covers a two person method. Any offerings on this?

Thank you, mickjetblue

here’s one way
here’s a link to one way:

My method.

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If the canoe is too heavy to just pick up from the side and throw it up over your shoulder.
Put the canoe on the ground upside down with the bow against a tree, big rock or some other impediment.
Go to the stern end and standing behind it pick it up, keeping the bow end on the ground. Then as you raise it in the air start walking forward. One hand should be on each side of the gunnels, and as you walk forward and under the canoe slide you hands along the gunnels, until you are doing a push up. Keep going until you now have the back of the canoe way up in the air and the bow still on the ground and you can walk right under the portage yoke. Then gently let it down on your shoulder, take a step backwards and you will be the fulcrum and the bow of the canoe will swing up and away you go.
Just reverse the method to put it down.
The impediment at the bow will prevent it from sliding forward.
I usually look for a grassey area rather than rocky to keep the wear and tear on the bown down.

I have to use this method with my OT Disco, and with my light weight kevlar Jensen I can lots of times just throw it up on my shoulders.

Jack L.

That’s similar to the techique I use…
Usually the bow doesn’t slide, but if it does, I have to find something to stop it.

When setting it down, I can usually just set the bow down, lift the boat off my shoulders, rotate my shoulders to one side , bend my legs and set the rest of the boat down without walking my hands back to the stern first. The heaviest canoe I handle these days is my 60 lb Solo Plus. With heavier canoes, I’d probably walk my hands back toward the stern like Jack described.

Yes, I should have said…
on the reverse, I put the bow down and then just roll it over onto the ground.

If I had a canoe that would get damaged, I would walk backwards, but with the OT disco, I can just throw it over and let it bounce on the ground.

They are industructable.



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