Oneill Hybrid Drysuit

Any thoughts on the Oneill Assault Hybrid Drysuit? They say for waterskiing, could it fit the bill for kayaking on inland lakes before and after ice cover or just suck it up and get a kokatat and be done with it

Looks good
Looks like a clever idea. Hard to find any good reviews on line.


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As long as the zipper across the shoulders doesn't inhibit paddling, it looks pretty good. I think having the neoprene bottom half would make it easier to fit in tight cockpit (won't need to be burped), put on the skirt, etc.

The neck, wrist and ankle seals are neoprene, not latex. I prefer this, but you have to figure it won't be as dry as latex. I say add some neo booties to this hybrid thingy and it would be excellent.

Come to think of it, that zipper across the back might be pretty annoying under a pfd....

Would chafing be an issue?
I tried finding it on the O’Neill site and couldn’t. I was wondering if the material around the hips could chafe from rotating to paddle. Something like that wouldn’t be a consideration for its intended purpose.

Oneill Hybrid Drysuit
I was thinking about the same thing about the zipper but I noticed some of the Palm drysuits also go the back shoulder zipper way, maybe this suit would work for someone in not so extreme conditions (cold water is always extreme to me no matter the conditions) and not have to spend 1,000 big ones, I thought it looked interesting and just another option, another conversation, Thanks!

Looks interesting
Its hard to find much information on it but it’s nice to see their using glide skin neoprene gaskets.

By paddling standards
It’s a semidry suit at best with all the usage of neoprene. You could achieve about the same thing with a dry or semi-dry top and wetsuit bottoms and facilitate answering nature’s call. Or, find the lower end Kokotat semi-drysuit on sale for about the same cost and have built in booties, relief zipper and less binding bottom.

Have enjoyed mine for NC moderate
winter canoe/yak paddles. My tall Chotas seal pretty good to the neoprene bottoms and suit has latex seals with neoprene overcuffs. Been over with it a few times and very little leaking during remounts. Comfortable, but back zipper a bit of a bear to open and close (paddle buddies help,) but not uncomfortable under life jacket. Designed for barefoot skiing where pick up will be quick. Only use mine when paddling with others and help/recovery would be quick. Would not use it for solo paddling unless very sheltered and close to shore/shallow water. Nice for winter frostbite sunfish sailing/windsurfing too. Just thoughts. R