online bird reference?

anyone know of any good, online birding sites?

trying to identify a sea bird i saw this past week up in maine (a-yuh)…


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Where were you -and what's it look like??? keep in mind it is migration time - you can see lots of things out there this time of year - especially coastal! Ayuh.
.... So - what was the bird? is a good online field guide I’ve used before. You can search by color, habitat, geographical area, size, etc. It isn’t just for birds, either. There are field guides for snakes, spiders, trees, wildflowers, mammals, fish, etc.

i’ll second very easy to use site with lots of online field guides. -harry

Hi rickster …
check out the Bird Forum database. Lots of pictures if ya know what (or have an idea what) ya saw.

It’s a Brit thing.


looked a lot like
a pigeon guillemot BUT those are west coast…i’ll find it in one of these references…

Cornell bird site
Has a forum-you can post a picture-also has a search by bird type, geography etc.