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Would appreciate any suggestions for reliable online dealers for Garmin GPS. Would be especially interested in finding one with some favorable history of handling return of problem units. This is more important than absolutely lowest price dealer.

Thanks for you help.


It’s easier to send…

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it back to Garmin, that's what the dealer will do.

Boater's World offers an extended warranty that will replace the unit no mater what you do to it.

I saw someone walk in BW with a Garmin that didn't work. The store said they would send it in to repair because it looked repairable. The customer took the unit outside threw it against a wall smashing it to bits. Walked back in with the pieces and it was replaced on the spot.

On-Line GPS Source usually has some good deals.

A couple thoughts.

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I ordered mine through amazon because they have pretty good prices, are easy to deal with, and have an easy return policy within the first 30 days (last I checked.)

If you mean return of prolem units after prolonged use, I think that would usually be back to the manufacturer, unless you bought an extended waranty through the dealer (as others pointed out.)

REI has very liberal return policies but not the best list prices, unless you wait for a 20% off one item sale, or similar. You might investigate further on REI's return policy. I know they'll take camping gear back after you've used it, simply because you didn't like it.

edit: a store employee told me REI has a 20% off sale coming up for July 4th, starting at the end of June I think.

Paul S.

I like
The GPS Store.

I purchased mine(Etrex Legend CX)at Newegg, best price I could fine from a reputable place.

Eligible for Free Supersaver Shipping

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I agree with aquaman. Amazon is where I got mine.

G'luck, Matt

The GPS Store
or Amazon.

Ive ordered GPS’s from both places and am happy with the purchase.


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Usually has the best prices. Don't get caught up in getting the latest model, the last series models are more than capable of doing the job and at a great savings.

IMO Garmin is the way to go.

For example: The GPS store wants $449 for the Garmin StreetPilot 2720 I bought a month ago on Amazon for $389 (free shipping to!).

West Marine
I have ordered several things from West Marine, but haven’t had to return anything. They do have the Garmin 76Cx on sale for $299, which seems like a good price.

Good price, beats Amazon’s today
It pays to shop around. As a rule I find that Marine stores tend to be high on most items, but they deeply discount overstocked slow moving items. Of course some of the items move slow because they over price them…

I just ordered a Venture CX from Cascade GPS. I haven’t even received it yet so I can’t really say anything about their service, but they specialize in GPS (not everything…) and had good prices. They also list Garmin’s new Topo 2008 software so you can pre order it.

I have received a couple personal emails from them (not automated). They let me know the software won’t be available until probably the end of the month and asked if I wanted to have it all ship together so the shipping would be lower. When I told them no, they confirmed right away. So far, so good!

I’ve been pricing GPS’s on I have gotten many electonics components there for my computer and am very satisified. They have pain free returns and really take care of their customers.

I’m trying that with my ford

Thanks to all
Thanks to all of you who replied. I knew I would get some places I had not thought of.

Now for the hard part:

  1. Finally making up my mind on which model.