Online Purchase(s) Advice

Im looking to purchase a Snapdragon skirt as well as as a Kokatat PFD (Outfit Tour)…I went to my local brick and mortar who stocks both but not in my kayak size or body size. Anyone advise of a reputable online dealer…??

Local dealer…
…didn’t offer to order them for you?

You can order direct from Snapdragon and Kokatat. I’ve done it with no problems. If you don’t want to do that any of the many mailorder co’s carry those products. VF

My experience…
has been that while you can work out details directly with Kokatat and Snapdragon, they then have one order through a dealer.

My wife and I have much gear from both of these manufacturers. We have often spoken directly with them. We then place the order through a local dealer.

"didn’t offer to order them for you?"

Yes, of course…But if I have to order it, I don’t exactly need them, or their 35-45% mark up…If I walk out with it, I have no problem paying for that convenience.

Or thru Portland… both of my Snapdragon skirts have been ordered officially thru a dealer in Portland Oregon after I had talked with Snapdragon and confirmed what I needed. I did deal directly with Snapdragon for a fix on one skirt that they needed to tweak. Seals skirts have come thru a local dealer, but most of our paddling friends have found it is very easy to work with directly with them to set things up as well.

you will still pay retail price
even if your order it directly from the company. sometimes online stores are a bit cheaper which is designed to offset the cost of shipping.

You are going to pay the markup one way or another.

Got my Snapdragon here:
Don’t know if they carry what you want, but excellent customer service, quick shipping, in my experience. Only purchased from there once, but it was a kayak, and the description had a minor error. When I contacted them, they confirmed the error, and offered full refund including shipping and they would pay for return, $100 shopping credit, or $100 refund on my cc. I took the later and it was taken care of in a couple of days. They never argued, which, to me, makes for a negative experience even if I get what I want. They kept it 100% positive.


Bought my snapdragon glacier trek srayskirts from them - great to deal with - dividends for members and online discounts at certain times.

That LOCAL dealer supports YOUR
community, if you were already there, you should have placed an order and helped the folks that help YOUR community. Trust me, as a small business, I can tell you EVERY sale lost to an out of the area internet ‘dealer’ is one more nail in my business’s coffin. If it’s about a price match, ask! Most of us will gladly match any internet price. If folks would start supporting those local shops instead of the internet shops, you would probably see much more of the gear you are looking for in that local ‘brick and mortar’. Come on, help your local ‘brick and mortar’ and YOUR community grow!

Online Store

I knew this would turn into this discussion…First, my “Brick & Mortar” store is not in “My” community, it is 65 miles away but I went there first, as I always do to give them the business…They can order it for me, or I can order it myself…Come on, you would do the same…As I said earlier, I have no problem paying extra for the convenience of them having it in stock…They are great people and have rent to pay and mouths to feed, I understand that and gave em their shot…They don’t have it !!!. Have you never bought anything at Amazon, thus not giving the profit margin to your local Barnes & Noble …??

Outfit Tour -Small? has it but only small size. Free shipping, may be a good deal if that’s what you are looking for.

Outfit Tour -Small
Need the large and large skirt with large tube …Hmm looks like a pattern developing.

65 miles is one thing
All things being equal, it’s good to support your local dealer. Otherwise, the next time you drive there it will be gone. (But driving 65 miles is not “all things being equal”.)
I too purchased kayaks from…very good folks to deal with. I had a problem with certificate of origin…they made good, Working through their vendor to resolve the problem and $100 off the Kayak…

I buy online
all the time, no paddle shops in the desert. Not to mention I save on sale tax and most outfits offer free shipping.



Same Here
I called Seals and told them that I wanted a customized version of one of their skirts, then had my dealer order it. Paid sales tax, but no shipping, so it didn’t cost more, and I get the priceless support of my friendly neighborhood kayak shop.


Online Purchases

Thanks all…Skirt from REI

PFD from California Kayaks