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Do any of you subscribe to the Online Sea Kayaking courses?

Sample content on Youtube looks pretty well produced. I learn visually and am looking for some content to get me through the winter. Wondering if the content / techniques are ‘correct’ and whether you feel the subscription is worth the $120 a year.

Course planning, presentation, scripting and content are excellent. Simon Osborne and James Stevenson (check their biographies…) are highly experienced paddling instructors.

The subscription allows a seven day free trial period, with full course access, before credit card charges will be applied.

They are adding content on a regular basis, too. The Online Sea Kayaking Facebook page is a private, interactive site that is also very helpful. From time to time there are scheduled zoom video sessions about course updates and special subjects offered to subscribers as well.

I try to do at least one or a couple 2 1/2 hour practice sessions a week (starting with Core Principles, then Edging and Turning, and the Ruddering Master Class) paddling a North Shore Freewater 16. Their session segments use a building-block structure for high quality skills training presentations. I’m very happy as a subscriber.

Part of my plan, for progress checks from time to time, is to schedule sessions with an instructor who greatly helped me with self rescue classes. She is an ACA L-3 kayak instructor only about an hour and a half away.

Hope this answer is helpful.

Mark L.

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Excellent classes online for anyone whether a pure beginner thinking of sea kayaking or paddling in water away from a shoreline or someone already a certified ACA or BCU instructor. Simon and James have done an excellent job explaining the nuances of sea kayaking … and they add new content throughout the year.

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have a look at dancing with the sea

Thanks everyone. I’m going to give it a whirl. The short clips I’ve seen on YT look pretty good and they have a cancel anytime policy.

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I was gifted a subscription by my loving wife for Christmas and, for anyone reading this thread wondering if it’s worth it: yes.

The production quality is outstanding and the information practical and concise, at least the module I’m working on now regarding weather and navigation. There’s a fair amount of bonus videos pertaining to the hosts’ personal trips and a blog. Very satisfied. I already feel as though I got my $120 worth.