online source for closed cell foam

Hi. My apologies- I know this has been covered before, but I can’t seem to find the threads by searching. Can anyone give me a link for an inexpensive source for closed cell foam for kayak outfitting. I need thin stuff to build up a new seat in my 700- finally ripped out the Rapid Pulse seat yesterday. Didn’t find it uncomfortable, but I’d like to raise myself up quite a bit for performance.



Try this

NRS has some ( as well as Outdoorplay (

i found what i wanted at

they have sheets of 5/8" L200 for $30 for two 20"x24" sheets, including shipping. not bad. should be enough to build my seat up a couple of inches or so (i suffer from small butt syndrome).


Hope not to be late

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I have been using Foam by mail for a while, and they are pretty good. 3/4 24 by 48 for only 28.99.
This is the link:

Andrew, have you thought in installing a K1 seat? To me, the most conforatable one and very useful for proper forward stroke. It must be possible to install one in your Q700 without much work.

this is an example:


PS: In a perfect wolrd, skis should bring one :D

thanks for the link
perhaps next time.

used my 700 for the first time in a while this past weekend at the canoochee race. felt strange to be down so low and to have my legs out to the side. it was a hard race to use really proper technique in anyway, since it was so twisty and we were bouncing off trees and through strainers. finished the 12 miles in 1:44, which was good enough for fastest overall time, about 15 minutes faster than last year’s best time, and about 30 minutes better than the fastest kayak last year.


Indeed, that was a really excellent time for the QCC

McMaster Carr
A couple of the sites mentioned above buy their stuff from here:

there was some current. also some suck water. not sure how much one or the other impacted, but the current must have been some benefit, since that is about a 7mph average, which is way speedy for the 700 (as in, faster than i can go). thanks though.


good source
Here is a good source of all types of foam

Wow, Andrew,
Congratulations : )