Online Sources for GP Blanks

Looking for sources for pre-cut/laminated GP blanks. I don’t currently paddle with a GP but borrowed one for a paddle and want one too! I’m too cheap to buy a finished paddle and too lazy to start with a chunk of wood.



Superior Kayaks and Newfound Woodworks
See comments in this thread:

Superior’s is a nearly finished computer cut laminated item needing only loom shaping, sanding, and finishing. Newfound’s is more of a band-sawed slab that gets you past power tool needs and save you some time consuming lumber hunting.

Link to Superior in above thread is bad. Correct direct link to the paddle kit is:

The link for Newfound is correct, but I no longer see the blanks offered. Call.


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Interesting, but…
…it’s basically like a Betsie Bay paddle; flat blades and a loom that juts out from the blades. It’s a design that limits the performance of the paddle somewhat, since water doesn’t flow as smoothly over it as it will over a more traditional design.

Call Peter
Just call Peter Mitchell at Mitchell Paddles in NH. You might have to drag him away from a machine as he’ll probably be making paddles but shouldn’t be a problem for him to help you out.


See you on the water,


You’d have to sand the heck out of it, but the loom could be ground flush.

Won’t matter
Would just make the loom too thin weak and ill fitting in the hand.

Flat blades are a deal killer too. The GP’s magic is in the shape transitions end to end. The blade volume distribution, and particularly the roots/shoulder - and this ain’t got any of that.

You might want to contact Newfound
I exchanged emails with Michael recently and he indicated that he’s been too busy to update the website. He may well have paddle blanks available.