Only one arm

Would like to know if there are any paddles or accessories that are designed for someone with one arm?

Prosthesis Of Some Sort
would probably be needed and can be designed. It seems to me that you would need to stablize the paddle with one arm and the prosthesis. Most of the power for the stroke comes from body rotation anyway.

Would a consultation with a occupational therapist, or sports medical personnel be in your thinking?


Google says…

If you just want to get on the water, the Hobie pedal-powered SOT might be a good option.

American canoe association
has an adaptive paddling speccialty. Send them an e-mail and give them your location.

You would be surprised at how wonderfully lake kayaking can be made accessible. I am a total neophyte at facilitating adapted paddling, but I have seen some folks who can really help.

Contact ACA to see who’s doing adaptive paddling in your area. I was at an adaptive paddling presentation and saw a version of what might work for you. Everything is made to fit the individual. Rutabaga in Madison, WI is starting an adaptive paddling program. They fit the paddler with a boat and equipment. Go fot it!

depends on how much of arm nissing
I used to kayak with a man who had an arm stump; he had made a cuff with a u shaped grip that allowed him to "hold " the paddle and the grip would allow rotation of a paddle.

I took an adaptive paddling workshop and this would be useful for you. Its four days though and very intense!

Courses are listed at the American Canoe Association website.

I am thinking that some sort of chest strap with an extension and a u shaped bracket might work. Torso rotation powers the paddle anyway.

There isnt any one size fits all product. All adaptive paddling has to be custom fit to your needs.

I’ve seen it done
The person used a strap and a handle attached to the paddle. His remaining arm was slipped through the strap up to the elbow and gripped the handle. The paddle shaft was against the back of his forearm. That allowed him to stoke back and forth with only one arm.

Discovery channel
I recently watched a discovery channel show in which a canoe paddler of some renoun had his arm bitten off by a Hippo. He continues to paddle even among the Hippo river in Africa where the attack took place one handed. He paddles a solo canoe with a paddle of his design which velcro’s on and points straight down from his good limb and seemed to move along rather nicely …especially when pursued by those same hippo’s …He arm was bitten off at the shoulder and he was dragged around the river as other canoes attempted to rescue him in the episode

Put your legs to work
A one armed gentleman in our club out-runs everyone in an open kayak designed with a footwell which accepts removable peddles that power some kind on blade propulsion. Steering is by a one-hand lever linked to a rudder. Check the manufacturers for a peddle power kayak…you may have to rig the steering yourself. Lakes and slow rivers appear to be its limit as I don’t think the gear will take fast water rock bashing.