Onno-Epic switch

Since I easily switched from a PC to a Mac, I thought a switch from Euro to wing might be just as salubrious. Freya noted in her San Diego lecture that the ‘proper’ wing stroke was easier on the body over long distance than a Euro stroke. I don’t intend to race.

So I am considering the Onno Smaller Mid, the Onno Small Endurance Race, and the Epic Small Mid. Patrick indicated that his Smaller Mid might be easier to learn the proper stroke with than the Small Endurance. The wing that is easiest to learn the proper stroke with is the one I want. Does anyone have an opinion on which of the 3 will be most conducive to quick learning?

Step into my office!
ONNO is correct.

I have an Epic and an ONNO.

Since I got my ONNO small wing I never use the Epic.

I paddle (touring) almost daily and use nothing but my ONNO.

There are many times where I just let the paddle do it’s own thing in the water,and hold it loosely and it just guides itself.

“the bride” has the same paddle and also would echo my sentiments.

Oh and did I tell you Pat is a nice guy!



small or small
Do you have the Onno Small Mid or Small Endurance?

I have the Mid Endurance and
It is much more powerfull than I thought it would be. When I first started using it I lengthened it slightly to feel like I could get more reach and power. Soon I was making it shorter because I started being able to take advantage of the efficiancy of the paddle. Now I believe I could have actually gone one size smaller.

I am physically strong and the mid still wears me out over long distances. Short distances are fine (less than 10 miles). In my opinion if you are having trouble choosing between the two you may do best leaning towards the smaller size. Especially if you are not a physically powerfull person. These wings will surprise you.

Most of all I would go with what Pat suggests. He is right on and was pushing me towards the smaller wing but I resisted his push. He was likely right all along.

Not sure
Pat must keep records. I guess you’ll need to ask him It doesn’t say on it what it is.

Yesterdays paddle was seven and a half hours and we could have kept right on going.

Same thing, the day before.



Which Epic did you replace with the ONNO

Was it a larger size than the ONNO that you’re using?

It was the Epic Mid wing
Larger and heavier and a thicker diameter shaft.



Idle question
Would a small-bladed wing paddle be easier to learn on than a large-bladed one? That is, for someone who had never used a wing.


just askin’

I think so
but that is just me.



I’ve heard the opposite -
- That a larger wing is easier to learn with. The reason (and I can feel it in the water myself) is that the larger blade “insists” on taking the proper path much more clearly than a smaller wing does. You can much more easily force the small wing to take a less than sub-optimal path. It takes more technique and awareness to properly paddle with a smaller paddle than with a large one - the larger one pretty much forces itself on you and tells you in no uncertain terms where it wants to go…

That said, I have switched from Epic Mid Wing to Epic Small Mid Wing and the effect is there too - for an average paddler like myself I can go for much longer with it with less fatigue than I could with the mid-wing (strong by recreational standards, average by avid paddler’s standards, weak by a “real paddler’s” viewpoint).

But the more powerful wing has its place too (though I sold mine) - it has such instantaneous and solid bite that it offers excellent bracing to your forward stroke and more power for those moments that you need it. But these benefits are easily outweighted by the benefits of a smaller blade over a larger distance…

I wish everyone could try these paddles
The differences between the Small-Mid and Mid wings are subtle but noticeable over the course.

If one has not used a wing before, I would not say one is easier or harder to ‘learn’.

The Smaller Endurance Race Wing ( what Jack and his lovely Bride are using ) @ 18" x 6" might feel weird for some guys who are used to simply bulling along with the larger wings. These little wings are sort of the ‘core’ of the larger ones and sometimes ask said guy to reassess technique … LOL.

For people who could still be pound for pound strong but are not giants, this little wing is like a new beginning for them … All this time they were probably overgeared and bogged down with too large of a blade. Now its easier to stay on ‘top’ of the paddle tap into aerobic potential better without ‘dieing’ with via to large of a blade. Hope this makes sense.

I think I get what Pat is saying
From my experience, if you are an average paddler (Not Jack. He is an animal!) and you are caught trying to decide between two sizes, go with the smaller. I am an occasional paddler and will tell you that the power of the larger wings will kick your butt. Maintaining a good cadance with a larger blade can really wear on you. A smaller blade helps you maintain your cadence with less strain per stroke and this makes a big differnece over the long haul.

Correct me if I am wrong Pat. I compare blade size to gearing on a bicycle. Trying to push a big gear at a low cadence may feel good for a short period of time but over the long haul your joints and muscles will break down.

Short story, be very descriptive with Pat and take his advice.

Can I frame the above and
hang it on my living room wall ?

Now lets get back to the paddle:

Some where, some how, someone must have misunderstood me.

The big wing is not my cup of tea, and beats the hell out of me.

I love the smaller mid wing and only wish that I had started with it.

It is the only one I use.



IMHO, most regular strength guys who are currently using a Mid size would be happier if they went down to a Small-Mid or maybe even less. Non - Olympic women would benefit even more.

I look at a lot of stuff from an endurance / cycling perspective.

Jack, I know you guys fell right in love with these paddles and did not any difficulties adjusting to them… None of above ‘bulling’ along comments directed towards you in any way nor intended to sound negative. Not sure if you were talking to me or not but wanted to say it anyway : )

Epic Small mid-wing vs. mid-wing
I really like the Epic mid-wing over the Epic small mid-wing. Pat has not sent me any Onno wings to demo. :wink: I bought Kocho’s mid-wing. I already had an Epic mid-wing that I bought used. I watched a video and the paddle stroke felt natural. I also have good hands from playing golf most of my life. Kocho’s small mid-wing Epic felt a little like a Euro. I paddle with my Epic mid-wing all the time. I will put it away when the wind is howling on long paddles or surfing. I can adjust my cadence and paddle bite to the conditions at hand. You need to try both sizes on long multiday paddles to tell which one is the best. Choose the smaller paddle if you think you will not significantly increase your paddling strength over an average paddling strength. Definitely discuss the details with Pat. He should be a good guide.


No, I was just refeering
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