ONNO gas peddle/foot brace

Has any one used the ONNO gas peddle/foot brace that is supposed to just drop into teh existing rails? Thinking about putting it into a QCC700.

Several p.netters here using it +
just got back from Seda to install one for one of their adventure racing team in liu for the smartTrack system. There is a difference.

Gas Pedal/Footbrace
Never actually got around to purchasing one of these for my Q-Ship, although I’ve drooled over the carbon version on the webpage countless times… Did Patrick’s contour seat first, and decided to sell the boat due to some issues with sciatica, exacerbated by the low thigh braces in the cockpit. Hooked up a bar to span the Toeline pedals for the short term, which did help quite a bit. If I decided to keep the boat, this would have been the next purchase. Toying with a Westside EFT, which a number of people have retrofitted with Pat’s system, in lieu of the stock tiller bar arrangement.

That said, IMHO, the footbrace/gas pedal system is sheer brilliance, affording a solid platform to power against, while allowing the facility to make minute corrections without splaying your legs outward again. Paddled the new Epic 18x which has a very similar system to what Patrick has been producing, in intent and execution. Wonder where they got that idea from…hmmm…as is said, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

Tideline boats
Have you looked at Patricks Tideline 19? He will equip it any way you want from the start. No retro fitting.

Thanks for saying that : )

I already have a QCC700 in carbon/kevlar that is perfect for me! Not about to get another boat. Have not tried PAt’s, so I can not say, but from his web page it looks interesting, though from an esthetics stand point I like the QCC more plumb bow better.