onno paddle bags

just received a pair of paddle bags from patrick at onno - i’ve had a time finding a sturdy canvas bag with a built in divider for a 2 pc paddle - nice heavy duty material, and a furrel protector (thought it was a medieval condum)included - a nice touch - these are what patrick says are not quite the final design, whick fits his penchant for perfection, so were priced accordingly, so if interested, it’s best to contact him directly - - and no, i get not a thing for this mention, other than directing work to patrick so he stays around for a LONG time, and maybe helping some of you folks who have been so open with your advise and help to me, and others !!

I have a kids snowboard bag that holds several paddles since I usually take people with me. I should contact Patrick about the single bag for solo trips.

Thanks for the inspiration…
…it prompted me to dig an old canvas REI single pair ski bag (circa 1978) out of the basement. It works great and will fit two paddles broken down.

Another Idea
For a single two piece paddle I use the “gun socks” they sell in sporting goods stores. Like a huge tube sock.

It keeps the two parts together and protects it from straches…

Rifle/shotgun cases also make good storage for two piece paddles.