Onno Paddles

Hi everyone!

After reading the glowing reviews for Onno paddles, I have decided to order one for myself. I just want to make sure I have the right information for contacting Patrick - is his store in San Diego called Paddleshop, ph.# 858-272-7859? I ended up buying a Seven2 iso touring paddle at the same time I purchased my first kayak a few months ago, but, after reading the less than stellar reviews for that particular paddle, I will either return it (it hasn’t been used yet), or, keep it as a spare. Any comments on that - is it worth keeping as a backup paddle?

As always, thanks for any words of wisdom…


I just got my paddle from Patrick. What a beauty! The craftsmanship is superb, the paddle is unbelievably light and it is just a joy to use! And his attention to detail when ordering is unreal! I spent nearly an hour on the phone (his nickel, he returned my call) discussing my size, boat size and style, environment, current paddle, paddling style, etc. Why anyone would spend $400-$500 on a Werner or Lendal off the shelf is beyond me. Order your paddle and enjoy!

Yep, Yep
It is all good with Patrick and his paddles. I have been using one of his for about nine months and love it. I am making noises about getting a second one.

Happy Paddling,


ONNO paddle

You’re going to love
your Onno paddle! I have a Seven2 also, but I use it for friends who are using one of my boats.

I, myself, use only my Onno and my GP - anything else doesn’t feel light enough. My Onno has held up very well over the years - even in rocky W. PA.

here’s an endorsement from someone
who DOES NOT own or use an Onno paddle. I had the please of meeting Patrick at his home in Southern Cal a few years ago. I saw in workshop first hand and handled several of the paddles he had laying around in various states of completion.

At the time, I had just purchased some Epic Carbon paddles (and I love my Epic Paddles), so I wasn’t in need of a new paddle.

When my paddles wear out, I AM BUYING an Onno.

Great paddles, and half of what I paid for my Epic paddles.

Good luck in what every you decide.


Ordering one too!
I spoke to Pat yesterday after trying to reach him since last week. He called me and we spoke for half an hour. He asked me quite a few questions as well and I was impressed at the details he gets into.

I’m going for a mid tour wing paddle. The plan is for an adjustable length, from 215 cm to 225 cm I believe. This is something new that he’s developing. I think the adjustable length would be good when I switch from one kayak to another, and at the same time finding an ideal length that I would be comforable with.


def. keep the seven2
as a back up…or just send it to me-i love them…

have not tried a onno yet but know seven2 quite well!!!


The price, and finished product is too good to be true. Plus, having the maker of the paddle actually talk you through what you really need and how you will be using your boat is a bonus.

foam core
for those with Onno’s do you miss the foam core of your other blades? i have a foam core paddle and it is excellent, but not sure if it is any more excellent than a very well made paddle without it.

+1 for ONNO
Absolutely fine paddle at a bargain price. I’ve got one of the older glass/carbon composite “mid-tours” and it is remarkably smooth, light and sturdy.

Up next I’m planning to get one of Patrick’s Carbon Signature paddles (not sure which profile). A friend ordered a “full tour” immediately after trying mine out, and it is sweet. She had just purchased a new Aqua-Bound paddle shortly before we began paddling together, and it was quickly relegated to the back deck of her boat as a back-up.