ONNO paddles

I would like a honest review of Pat’s internal adjusting thing a ma jig on his paddles from people who have them.

I don’t need a review of his paddles, since I already have a few of them,(with the screw type external ferrule), and think they are the best on the market.

Just looking to hear if you are extremely happy with it or if you think the external screw type is better.



Jack, check the website …

– Last Updated: Oct-28-08 6:53 AM EST –

This new, new one IS external ..

I liked the internal cam lock you did not like, then went to the External one which ( you have ) is the smoothest twist lock available but this was only a very short time before I was shown the new, new lever lock. Hand slapping forehead .. Its lighter, lower profile, holds like a vice WITHOUT tools or heavy handed pressure and can be adjusted on the water on the water in seconds.

This is BY FAR the nicest locker on the market and for sure will eventually be copied by a foreign manufacturer.

It can also be retrofitted to the old style internal cam locking paddles.

Apologies for the horses mouth rant, but I am just sooo stoked to have these .. : )

I’ve got one
It rocks - very easy to adjust and have had no problem with it sticking. Just used a Werner adjustable a few weeks ago and like Pat’s set up much better.

The only negative I can think of is I have caught a knuckle on it a couple times, always when doing something improperly or swinging a hand around where I shouldn’t be.

I had
the same adjustment on another wing and it was great.

I heard that Epic was going to do the same thing, just a rumor.

The new locking system was where you could change the paddle in the water with out a tool and it is very easy.

It takes a looong time to get a Onno, I`m still waiting.

I want to go to a shorter paddle so I decided to try a Onno.

Lever Lock
I have the new lever lock and have demoed a paddle with the internal mechanism. The lever lock is intuitive and very quick – an elegant solution. The internal thing was kinda quirky to me and I found it difficult to set the length and feather angle to what I wanted.

With the lever lock you flip it, set it, and lock it back down. Even with my big, fat fingers its pretty easy and locks in solid.

The lever does poke up a bit, so you have to keep your hands away from it or I could see it biting you a bit, but I don’t seem to have any habits that cause that to occur.


I’ve got the internal locker thingy
Not the newer one. I like it, but to change feather (which I never do) you would have to pull it apart first.

Pat and I are discussing another wing for me, hopefully with the new “locker thingy”.

He won’t let me send him a check yet. He’s busy.


I have the
internal lock and it’s clean and nice but I never take it apart since it’s a pain to get it exactly were it was. He said you can retro one so if that’s the case it would be great. His stuff is so far above everyones that it’s worth the wait if you can. I know that’s easier said than done sometimes. He’s a real pleasure to work with too. Chaz

Hi Patrick
Are you out there? I concur with corinneandchazross 100%! You need to put this stuff on your website. You couldn’t buy this kind of advertisement! Luckily, as I get older, time seems to be going faster SO, don’t really mind the sometimes long wait! Worth it and then some!

I’d like to have your new thingamajiggy adjustment thing. I have your internal adjustment on my wing. It is awesome. Can’t always get it on the first try but it’s so elegant and clean…don’t care.

If it can be retrofitted and doesn’t lengthen the paddle, just tell me how much; I’ll send you a check and again, I’ll be fat and happy!

Let me know!


Ps. I saw after sixty five years, you now have two lukewarm reviews on your paddles!? I’ve owned just about all the good ones. I just don’t see how someone could not “in good faith” give you a 10. Guess like most things in life, there is probably more to the story! It would be fun to here your side, but sadly, you always seem to be “the high road kid”.

Best to you and Family!

I have both
Believe it or not, I like the old internal lock better. The new ones work great, are easily adjusted, locks tight, etc. but I like how clean the old internal lock is. With just a little practice and some care it is perfect. I am a little worried about breaking the locking lever on the new design. Both designs are great and would take either if I purchased another paddle. We are up to three of the ONNOs now and love them all.


My rudder
was in the mail 2 days after we talked for my V10. I e-mailed him, he called and it was on it’s way. I put his P41 on my boat. He made me a custom bracket and it’s amazing. I needed it for the next weekends Tri. and he delivered. It was the hit of the paddling part. It’s such a work of art. And it works as good as it looks. He’s been a huge help with any questions I’ve had too. I’ve sent hom pictures and he’s helped me put some “finishing touchs” on the stuff I did. Like I said the best I’ve ever worked with. Chaz

Different paddles for differently addled
You said “I saw after sixty five years, you now have two lukewarm reviews on your paddles!? I’ve owned just about all the good ones. I just don’t see how someone could not “in good faith” give you a 10. Guess like most things in life, there is probably more to the story!”

I’m not sure what you mean by “in good faith”.

I have two ONNO paddles that I bought used and they weren’t designed for me or fitted to me specifically and I don’t use them much. The Full Tour is too big for me and the Mid Tour is also harder on my poorly conditioned body than my Epic Relaxed Tour, so I use the Epic (215cm - 225cm) more. I keep the ONNOs in hope that I’ll grow into them, fitness-wise. I would expect that an ONNO paddle built specifically for my needs after talking to Patrick would be more of a pleasure for me to use, but I haven’t sprung for a full price paddle yet.

I’ve also tried a couple Lendals and didn’t like them, not too excited about my Werner Kalliste bent shaft and choose my Epic (set to 225cm) over my 230cm AT carbon SL Tour for canoes or wider kayaks. I use the Epic set to 215cm for the other kayaks.

I’ve also paddled multiple canoes and kayaks that are supposed to be the bee’s knees for someone my size and I wasn’t enamored by them and chose other options instead, so it puzzles my why you should be surprised that not everyone is as infatuated with a particular builder’s product as you are.

that one sucked…

and anyone that says otherwise isn’t telling the truth.

I sent mine back.

No offense Pat, just telling it like it is, (was) .

We have two of his with a screw type ferrule, and they are perfect !



paddle, seat and now pedal on the way…
I have the mid-wing with the new lever lock and have been very pleased as I’m still trying to “dial-in” my preferences and being able to adjust on the fly (well on the water really) is really convenient…

After the pleasant experience buying and using the paddle I asked him about replacing the seat in my QCC 700X…after a very similar discussion (use, style, types of paddling) as I had with him on the paddle I told him to go for it…

Once again on time and perfect execution…little tape notes all over the seat (cute :wink: helped with installation and sitting in it has increased my paddling pleasure 10 fold after the butt buster that came stock…people who look at my boat have to be told the seat is “aftermarket”…fits perfectly and really has added to my rotational ability…

so now I have the gas pedal on order…hard to take full advantage of the boat, paddle and seat when you have those dinky smart track pedals tucked off to the side…and they’ve never felt right to my size 12 feet…probably should have just ordered the rudder too and been done with it but getting used to one thing at a time has been working well…and dealing with Pat is such a pleasure that I’m kinda drawing out the experience…

back to the new lever lock for a sec…the comment about it appearing tender and sticking up is true…It does appear that way but actually it’s not too tender…I’ve (don’t read this part Pat :wink: accidently banged it a few times and looked over expecting a broken part but it’s held up well…


Your last paragraph, solidifies it for
me, plus another comment above.

Pat has a screw type ferrule set aside for me, and I’ll stick with that.



HI yanoer
You are totally right and I stand corrected. I let my personal love of Patrick’s stuff, my friendship with him and our paralleling business paths (different end product) affect my writings. We are all different, paddle differently, enjoy different products and water and have different goals (the varied boat designers and paddle designers I’m sure are grateful and prove this…they stay in business).

Different strokes for different folks!

My apology.


better than BB internal
I like it much better than the internal one on my Bending Branches Slice.

I give Pat a “10” !
His paddles a 9.5 ! - They would get a 10 if he would ever finalize his “length Lock” business - but only with the screw type ones that I like.



They seem quite similar to me.
My BB and ONNO internal cam lockers seem very similar. If you think the ONNO is better, I’ll have to take a closer look. I haven’t compared them in detail, just the general concept.