Onno Paddles

Had the opportunity to swing my Onno mid wing the other day; what a thing of beauty it is. Crazy light, with a forgiving stroke from entry to exit, it was sheer joy to handle. Wind was gusting, and the small mid wing construction was the perfect balance of bite and ‘incognito’ into the wind’s teeth. The lever lock makes for quick, easy, and reliable adjustment of length and feather-an extremely sweet blade through and through.

Best of all is the knowing that Pat himself hand lays your paddle from start to finish…highly, highly recommended. www.onnopaddles.com

I couldn’t agree more
and that also goes for his touring paddles which I have two being built for us right now.

If Pat sold stock, I would be the first in line to buy some.

I think these two paddles will probably be the eighth and ninth that we have bought from him.

His paddles are the best, and his prices are a third less than any other paddle manufacturers.

Jack L

I Wish He’d Make a Carbon GP
Come on, Pat. You know they’d sell.

For sale
Got one for sale, $200. 212cm with the Big Boy blade. VERY large blade, I think he discontinued it. No problem with the paddle… in fact if I was to recommend a euro paddle I would highly recommend Patrick’s product. Light, extremely well constructed and way less than Werner, Lendal, etc. I just happen to be a GP convert, can’t see myself ever going back so it’s just collecting dust. If Patrick did carbon GP’s I’d buy one in a second! (Patrick are you listening???)

I sure love mine -
I have a touring model. Love everything about it. Best part is the ability to have a personal conversation with the builder. You get exactly what you want. No compromises unless YOU decide to make them.

Any top ranked ( as in World/Olympic) paddlers using Onno wings?

onno wing
Pats paddle makes me feel like a world champion.

Kidding aside, great product.

I don’t think pat gives promo paddles for cool guys to use, so probably no world champs use them. I like to think that he builds quality paddles for the everyman. But most importantly they just look cool.

Hope the weathers nice in Hawaii.

Ryan L.

Spending a day with Pat…
on the big island, I can attest that he is as good looking as are his paddles!

Professional endorsements ?
How else would you know a product is good ? You surely MUST believe it when someone is PAID to endorse it.

File this under: “How dumb does it get!”

well made
but the touring paddle doesn’t do it for me.

i dont get it.
Ryan L.

I’m flattered -
at the suggestion that I am a professional paddler. Nope, only been paddling kayaks for a few months. Probably should have disclosed that before giving my endorsement!

Probably As They’ve Copied the Clamp
Have you noticed most of the major paddle makers have recently abandoned their crude clamps for two piece paddles in favor of the “ONNO LEVER LOCK,” which Pat helped developed and was the first to incorporate them in his paddle designs years ago. Many, also, are calling it their “new design?” Talk about design infringement? Indeed, the Onno two piece paddles, with its very own unique Onno Lever Lock, are now the most imitated and copied paddles in the world.