onno smaller endurance race wing

Does anyone have any experience with this paddle? Just ordered this wing from Onno. This is the 18" X 6" one, for use with my standard sea kayak. Spoke with Pat about this and he was very helpful and great to talk to. He said I could change my mind about getting this one or the slightly larger Smaller Mid Wing if I let him know before he starts on it. So I thought I should get all the info I could to be as sure as possible before I lay out the coin.

I want to use it primarily for efficient touring.


good choice
Jack likes his. Wings are so efficent at grabbing lots of water but the downside is some grab too much and it takes a toll on the body. Bent shaft canoe paddles are flat and grab very little water compared to the wing. A flat paddle is like shoveling wet gravel with a flat shovel. You pick up 6# but only 3# goes into the wheelbarrow. With a wing it is like a round shovel. You pick up 6# and 5# goes into the wheelbarrow.

This extra lifting can take a toll, almost like framing with a heavier hammer. Paddling is like weight lifting. The key is low weight and high reps, almost like the greenland. Only the wing is more efficent because a curved blade is more like the round shovel.

Enjoy the onno and let us know. I must scrape up enough money to buy a small wing. About 3 years ago I gave away my small wing because it was called a girl’s paddle blade. My big turbo is as big as any big epic and is fine for sprinting or bracing. Van koeverden won olympic gold with a blade just like my big turbo.

Match your strength to the right work-
I can only comment on the relativity aspect, as I have

a feather, a mid, and a full touring paddle.

I started with the mid for myself, and the feather for

my lady friend. The mid is absolutely amazing in the

power of the return, with a minimum of effort required.

The feather is also surprising with its power return for

a bare minimum of effort required.

I also bought a full, to see the difference, and to have

when needed. The full returns slightly more power than

the mid, but requires somewhat more effort that will

take its toll over hours.

I use the mid much more often, because I can paddle

with it for hours, get great results, and not be tired.

The full is better when into a wind or max power is

needed. I’d say I am average build and strength.

If you are paddling muscle conditioned, then you have more

effort to expend, but for average paddlers and use,

I think the mid range is better for the long run.