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I was wondering if Pat at Onno was still in business?? I have called several times and emailed him without a reply. Has anyone heard anything

I heard he is moving/remodeling
Don’t know details.

Don’t give up
I think he’ll be up and running with some changes before very long.

Yep, still in business!
In the process of moving, one-man operation, has a new baby in the family. Just be patient and keep checking with him, its worth it. I just got a Fast Tour, length adjustable. Awesome paddle, like it better than my Big Boy.

Pat has moved to…
Hilo, Hawaii. Sold the molds for the boats to Seda. Will be setting up shop there and will be making paddles. Been in contact with him just recently.

Best way to contact him right now is via email.


I’m concerned about Patrick’s well being. I’ve been tring to get in touch with him for about 2-3 wks without success. This is not like him. I think that it is unacceptable to leave customers hanging for such an extended period without any word about what is going on.

Did he sell all the molds, including the
Mermaid? Or did he just sell the Tidelines?

got a reply from Patrick
I got a reply from Patrick about an order I placed with him early this month. He said he would have my order ready soon and that he is trying to catch up on all the email that piled up while he was moving. Be patient. His products are worth the wait.



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i asked patrick 2yrs ago if he had plans to make a fully symetrical paddle similar to derek hutchinsin's tooksok - at that time he said maybe in the future - i DO love both my onno and derek's paddle - is anyone aware of any such plan ?


Patrick is in Hawaii and his computer is up. I heard from him last week. The phone does not work so emails only for now. He did sell the Tideline molds to Seda but the Mermaid was not finished so no molds. He said that Seda has done a big turn around and their quality is now first rate or he would not have sold the molds to them. He said he is still setting up but he could supply some paddles now. Shipping would still be only $17.20.

Wasn’t he planning on making a GP?

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(and hopefully for less than the $400 or so that most carbon GPs cost).

I’m don’t think that I’m being inpatient
Patrick has worked patiently & graciously with me over severel months to have me satisfied with the paddle that I have purchased from him. However, there is still a problem with the paddle. Because of the above, I am not going to discuss the problem in this forum. What I am thinking is that how hard could it be for him or some one to change the message on his answering machine to accomidate the currant situation.

Paddlers - San Diego is a small town, and we’ve been talking/working with Pat on a few things since we took on Seda. It was a quick decision on our part when he decided to move, so we don’t have a plan for figuring out how the Tideline designs will fit in our product line just yet.

Seda just purchased the Tideline 19 and Tideline 15 kayak molds. The Mermaid is still in development, and the plug is over in Hawaii (or soon will be) with Patrick. We are happy to work with you should you need replacement parts - hatch covers/fittings/etc.

If you’ve been talking with Patrick about either boat, feel free to email us so we know you are out there, and we’ll see what we can do.



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Hang in there Belton
Remember that saying, different strokes for different folks, it’s his company and his paddles. He is a one man show: design; construction; marketing; billing; accounting; distribution; purchasing; etc. I’ve been buying from him for about four years. He has always come through, ALWAYS. Remember, deep breaths, you may have to wait a while BUT IT WILL WORK OUT. In the end you will be pleased. You will enjoy the paddle for years to come and you will forget the delays and/or any inabilities to communicate.

Happy customer


Thanks for that update, John.
It’s good to know that the molds are in good hands.

I got a email from Pat

What’d it say?

All he said was they had moved again and would call this weekend and that email was the best contact

You may have a good product but good service goes a long way also

New ONNO help
I just got my ONNO full tour a few weeks ago. Great paddle but i’m having problems adjusting it. It has the build in Adjustable length shaft.The longest it goes is 220 and the shortest 215. Once i get the two attached it locks in nice and tight at 45 degress from 213, 214 and 215 but when i try to get it snug at 210 it just does not grip and stay there. Am i doing something wrong?

Dialing in the offset
I am having the same problem with my new mid tour. I don’t know how to make sure I get the right offset …its a hit or miss …anyone have any ideas.


p.s> I have the length lock version …which has a small washer type thingy that is used to hold the shaft inplace at a certain offset.