Onno vs. Werner query


I am contemplating a new paddle with bigger blades. Currently using a Werner Kauai 215 and, while I like it, I am interested in having a little more pull.

I’m 6’2", athletic, and paddle a 16.5’ x 21.5" boat with a 12.5" deck height. No surf, just inland waters and rivers. Strength is to be considered and I don’t really need something a lot lighter than 30oz or so. Linking strokes and bracing cannot be compromised. Mostly day trips, perhaps 8 four day runs per annum, seldom exceed 25 miles in a day.

I have a voice message in to Onno and am awaiting their return call. Werner has always treated me good with their f/g paddles that exhibit a nice mix of light weight and structural integrity.

The paddles I’m considering are the Werner San Juan, Werner Corryvrecken, (both in 'glass) and the Onno Full Tour in a hybrid layup.

While I know the Werner line very well, I do not have access to these two models to tryout. Testing the Onno is also out of the question but I’m intrigued by an independent builder who may well need and deserve my support.

I’d be interested in hearing opnions and comments from any whom have experience with these models.

Thanks to all.


Onnos work for me.
Tried Werner San Juans. Patrick’s paddles are very light, strong, don’t flex and cost a whole lot less than buying a Werner. Your opinion may vary upon trying them. I own the full tour and also had two surf paddles made.

Onnos Are Very Light
My Onno full tour is the lightest paddle I ever had. The full tour has lots of power.

I vote for ONNO
While I’ve paddled several different models of Werner, I simply prefer the ONNO. In fact, my 2nd paddle from ONNO should be shipping out this week. No, I didn’t break the first one. I let my g/f try it once and now I no longer have one. She has claimed custody. Patrick is a pleasure to deal with and really goes the extra mile. Both my paddles were custom (overall length, blade width, shaft size, and he even gave me a little extra lay-up in the center due to my additional uh…mass)… He’s incredibly busy with order and building boats so don’t be in a hurry. Oh, and as others have stated numerous times in many threads, you just can’t beat his product at his prices. Good luck with your decision.



I don’t know Onno
I know Lightning, I like them better than Werner

Have you considered the Big Boy? I’ve got one and I really like the power.

ONNO VS Werner
I have a Werner Kallista and own 3 ONNO’s. I’ve tried other Werners and Epics and my choice is the ONNO as well as my wifes. They are light wt. have plenty of power and absolutely NO flutter. You can’t deal with a person with more integrity than Patrick.

John Horvers

San Francisco

I really consider myself lucky…
To do work for such fine people… Thanks alot guys (including the great p.net folks too:) for your continued support in keeping me busy in the cave and my wife fed.

The Big Boy is certainly
an impressive paddle. I’m not sure I’m up to spinning that baby all day long!

I appreciate everyone’s input as well as those who took the time to contact me via email.

I had a nice chat with Patrick today and it was a most informative exchange. I’m going to be experimenting further with feather angles before I decide because I really like one-piece paddles for my primary use.

One of the nice things about dealing with Patrick is his lack of sales pressure. I must have mentioned Werner paddles 50 times during our conversation; Werner this and Werner that. Patrick agreed that the big W builds a great paddle and never tried to take anything away from them.

Whether I end up with an Onno or not I can certainly concur that Patrick is an honest guy and easy to deal with. Kind of nice in this day and age of faceless marketing.