Where is Pat? I have emailed and left messages. We are trying to order a couple paddles. Pat? You there?

Right after I ordered a paddle
he became incommunicado via email. Just give him a call – he likes to talk to folks anyway.


I got a email from him saying he was moving again and would be up and running soon.

if he built a crummy paddle
I could understand the move

If mine is crummy…
I really like crummy paddles!


Still there…
… just busy working on my new paddle :-).

I spoke with him on Thursday. I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon. He’s much in demand, as usual!

Give the man a chance
Just got an email from him today, explaining what is going on. He is working through his emails and orders. Appears he has his reasons and given the situation I would suggest the sit back and wait approach!

Just means you will appreciate it more.

I like onno’s style