Ont. trip plans??

A few of us are planning a canoe trip, solo and tandem for Aug and are torn between Algonquin Ont and Killarney Provential park. I have been to killarney on a few of the inland lakes, but would love to hear from someone that has been to both. We plan about a five night trip and would like to do a loop instead of out and back. We prefer wildlife, nice paddling and hope to NOT see other paddlers if possible.

thanks in advance for any help tossed our way.

Have you scanned myccr.com ?
Their focus is on wild routes in Canadian provinces.

not going to happen in either places
in August though if you use the black marked portage routes (less maintained) in Algonquin you have a better chance.

This is an odd time to mull tripping options. Those wishing to trip in either place almost always need reservations for an August trip. Reservations can be made five months in advance.

If you dont want to see anyone do a fly in to Temagami or Wabakimi or go to Woodland Caribou

g2d is right…wrong message board here.