Ontario Crown land camping permit

Is it really $10 per person, per day for a non- resident to camp on Crown land? I don’t remember paying $320 CND dollars for 4 people when we were in Georgian Bay four years ago. Seems a little steep. Maybe we didn’t pay…

The permit is available

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You can buy them at the border and at local outfitter, fishing, hardware stores. If you didn't pay shame on you. You skated on the C gov.

There is an exception if you are renting equipment or using the services of a local outfitter.

I don't know what kind of punishment or fines are handed out if you are caught. But since it IS a foreign country and they could do anything including confiscating my gear, I ALWAYS purchase the Crown Land permits.

You can read about it at:

What Area?
The permit is only required north of the French and Mattawa Rivers.


good point

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I have also been to areas (around Ear Falls/Red Lake) where as a non resident I couldn't camp even WITH a permit. Entry is limited to people using local outfitters only.

I am not sure how many places are like this In Ontario, but I was surprised to find a sign stating (paraphrased) "Crown Land, no fishing, hunting or camping by non-Ontario residents unless using the services of local outfitters".

Thanks for the link and info.

We were south of the French and Mattawa on Georgian Bay and will be again this year.

I just started trip planning and the Crown land maps got me wondering about permits. I didn’t recall having them last time and wondered if we had been remiss.