Ontario maps

We may be doing a Canada trip in september.   Does anyone know of an on-line source of Canadian maps?   Something akin to Maptech or Terraserver.   We will be going to the Bancroft area.    Thanks.

try here

free online topos
for Canada are available at: http://toporama.cits.rncan.gc.ca/toporama_en.html

Detail is a little lacking, and you should have a fast connection to DL maps.

Where are you going?

Elephant Lake
We go to Elephant Lake every year. We sometimes take a canoe. This year I am taking the kayak. I hope to spend some time exploring the York River which feeds Elephant and Baptiste lakes. I am trying to find out about the river. Jim

Topo and Nautical

i buy canadian maps every year for canoe trips and use World of Maps in Ottawa. They are an excellent resource - you can get both 1 - 250,000 and 1 - 50,000 scale maps. www.worldofmaps.com

Lake Nipigon
Hey buddy,ever plan a trip where you won’t see anyone for day’s. Let me know if interested