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A group of friends and I are planning a trip to Ontario next year. We’d like a wilderness trip of a week, possibly two shorter river trips. Any suggestions? We’re open to canoe camping combined with a couple nights of B&B. Thanks.

Wrong forum
First Ontario is huge

so it helps to know what end of Ontario you want. Its a 3.5 day drive from one end to another

For 20 years there has been forum devoted to Canadian canoe tripping and it has some tens of thousands of trip descriptions in Ontario along with over 10,000 members on its forii


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Ok, so we're looking NE of Superior, W of of Sudbury. We're entering Sault Ste. Marie and would like to remain 200-300 miles from the border. We'd like to do a river, class I to II. French River is attractive, if not quite in the area we're hoping to do. We're looking for something different, more wildlife than the typical Quetico, Algonquin experience. Shuttles seem to be a prime element. With the train shut down now, getting a shuttle could make or break a trip.

I guess I didn't realize this was off limits to mid-western Americans hoping to travel North. I figured there may be others of the same mind, and didn't read the fine print. Thank you for your patience with my fumbling queries.

You’re not intruding at all

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where did you get that idea? Its just that there is way more information on CCR than here because there are way more people that paddle there in Canada

Spanish River comes to mind.. Sand River just north of the Soo


Wildlife happens or it doesnt.. May is best for moose..

Nice Resource

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The Myccr is a fantastic resource. Map driven, it's really easy to hone in on a specific area. I've used that site before, but never found that resource. Thanks.