Open canoe rolling

OK I can roll my C1s and my MR Outrage whitewater canoe. All of those have pedestals, thigh straps and toeblocks to keep me from falling out whilst upside wrong.

So I just got this Swift Osprey and it’s narrow so I’m thinking I’ll put in a pedestal, straps & toeblocks and a rolling I will go.

Natch. I find I’m using the sliding seat quite a bit. Maybe as I get to know the boat I’ll slide less but right now it doesn’t look that way so no pedestal at least for now.

Now Topher writes about attempting to roll his Voyager and I don’t see any thighstraps in his pics of that fine boat. And g2d writes that he’s going to try to roll his MR Guide. Don’t know how he’s got that set up.

So here’s my question. Does anyone roll solo touring type canoes? and if so how do you stay in?

Re: Open canoe rolling
Years ago, I had my MR Courier outfitted with slant seat and thigh straps (no toe blocks). I got to the stage where I could roll in flat water with a coach standing by.

A functional, moving-water roll remained an abstract notion.

Lately, I’ve been tripping in an Explorer, so I stay upright, portage, line, or swim. Besides, 1.) any outfitting at all gets in the way of poling, and 2.) I’ve let myself get too old to roll.



My MR Guide came used with a
Mohawk pedestal and thigh strap. Because I am quite tall, I fit tight on the pedestal without needing toe blocks. I have not yet bothered to roll the Guide… I just don’t use it in conditions where it would be necessary. In (decked) c-1s, of which I have three, I rely in part on a SMALL cockpit and properly designed seat setup so that even if the thigh straps should break, I can stay in and roll. Smaller people find this hard to attain, and may need toe blocks and tight thigh straps.

I am of the opinion that one can design a kneeling open boat setup such that the thighs are wedged under the center thwart, the knees firmed around knee blocks, and the shins and feet held by friction against the bottom so that at least one roll attempt might be possible before washing out. My MR Synergy, which I use for solo cruising, is set up that way. My old Mad River Compatriot was also set up like that, and I remember rolling it once on a lake.

i gots ta ask
why would you want to roll your swift osprey? in what conditions would you find yourself wanting/needing to roll that boat? isn’t it more a small cruiser/American freestyle type craft?

i’m all confused…

No, it’s me that’s confused. :wink:
You are right about the boat.

BUT if I decide to use this boat on open water some sort of self rescue would be good. The boat is narrow enough that if you could stay in a roll might be possible. It might not be practical since I’d still have a swamped boat to contend with. I’m just trying discover if there is any good way to accomodate the frequent trim adjustments I’m currently using and the ability to hang around upside down in the boat long enough to roll it.

Thanks g2d
I suspect there may be no good way for me to stay in this boat in a capsize. Might just have to keep it upside right :slight_smile: