open water tandem

I’m interested in getting a tandem for open water use, in and out of inlets, open coast paddling. We would be spending time getting the feel for edging, bracing, and rolling. Gains in cruising speed among tandem sea kayaks would be a consideration…it’s not just to float about and see how fast we can turn among waves, although we’ll probably end up doing some of that at times. Is there a tandem out there that would accomodate this style of paddling?

It looks like Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis both have tandems out there. Current Designs has the Unity, which seems to be at a much better price point, that is only 26" wide. Anybody have any experience with different tandems in open water?

Seda Tango
Have you looked at the Seda Tango? I have put at least 1,000 miles on mine. I live in the midwest. We’ve spent several vactions on Lake Superior camping out of it. We’ve raced it many times and have done very well. The Tango is a Great Design!

Steve Retz

Streamwood, IL

Seaward Passat
The Passat is a popular choice for folks who like to go fast & play.

Ditto the Passat
Very sweet boat…

Valley Aleut II 26" beam

Temiskawa by Impex or North Shore tandem, neither made anymore but maybe used.

The Triton is great, but you’re definitely packing like a backpacker to camp out of it.

Tahe Marine makes some nice looking tandems but I have no idea who sells them in the US.

For day trips maybe an old Pyranha Orca tandem in royalex? That would be nice for tandem rock gardening/surfing!

…makes a really nice on.

Current Designs Unity
The ad copy says “it will take on big water”. That’s not good! Who wants a boat that takes on water?!

Impex Temiskawa
I’ve had fun with this in and around similar terrain you described. 25" wide at 19’8" & 75lbs in carbon Kevlar.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc

Hyde Park, NY

Kaskazi Duo ARX tandem
We like our Kaskazi Duo ARX tandem sea kayak.

It is self bailing but has permanently bonded spraydecks. It is 19.5 ft long and 27 inch beam but with the Epoxy layup only weighs in the mid 60 lbs. We used it in the Keys a month ago and I am now setting up a Kayaksailor rig for it.

are the top two that come to mind for big water. Depends also, whether you want rudder or skeg, as for the other choices. I can speak firsthand to the seaworthiness of the Tango: (

As one reviewer said, it’s extremely competent in big water (In fact, it thrives in it.), while somehow managing to plunk along in small creeks and tributaries. And it’s fast-very fast for its size. Great boat.

I looked at alot of them before choosing the Temiskawa. Most tandems advertise “stability” (meaning “barge”). The Temiskawa is about as narrow as they come any is easy to paddle and very good in wind and rough water.

Nigel Dennis Triton
The Triton is the one I would pick, fast and sporty. I hate all those super fat tandems, they are no fun.

Seda Tango compartment between is Great!
Use this in the Ocean in Maine. You don’t have to paddle synchronously at all since there is a bulkheaded compartment between paddlers. Very stable and a good choice.

Think this refers to beam size…
This might be a factor in most, if not all tandems. They are wider, thus the cockpits can hold more water if totally swamped. But they also generally sit higher and don’t “tend” to take on water.

Tandems are more stable, and faster (with 2 good paddlers) than singles.

They are also less agile.