Open Water!

Got out yesterday for a good upstream paddle on the St Joseph river. Almost 50 degrees, sunny and calm. Smaller lakes and rivers still frozen but may open up any day. It sure felt good to be on the water again after a two month break.

Makes me wistful looking at those lovely conditions. Good that you had such a lovely day on the water. You must live around the brown area in the photo. Still surrounded by ice here at the tip of the mitt. NWS reported Marquette has about four feet of snow on the ground. Three feet here. Or maybe two feet 11 inches as it did warm up today. I guess that’s a start…

That’s a cool image Rookie. Yes we are in the brown area where you can see just a little bit of shore ice on Lake Michigan. It looks to me like none of the Great Lakes has ice on the western shore…presumably the wind blows it east like it does down here. I’ve also been looking forward to paddling some of my old favorite spots in Ann Arbor and that whole area looks brown so I hope to get there next week.