Operation Deep Blue Launches 10/1/22

Tomorrow is the launch of the fourth annual Operation Deep Blue 210 mile kayak expedition to honor our fallen military, first responders and law enforcement officers.

Come follow along (depending what the Ian wind field allows :grimacing:)

Or drop me a line and join in later in the week.

My transponder link;
Marshall’s SPOT

Launch is 11am 10/1/22
See you on the water,

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Fair winds and following seas!

Nice, great cause thank you. God bless all involved.God bless all who ended their watch. Looking at there pictures brings home the loss more.
Added it to my home screen to follow you all.

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Supremely lucky weather wise for Day1!!!

More at


Pretty good pace of about 4.5 mph for nearly 29 miles.

Betting everyone will sleep well tonight.


Any videos? Fast must of had some tailwinds no? Currents?

Heading to the Launch for Day 2 currently. Still dark.

Our Soc. Media director has been putting everything up on the FB page.

28 miles planned for today. Provided we get lucky with the wind again.


Wind is screaming here it looks good for you as I see Long Island direction. I’ll check windy.com where you are. Looked at FB but saw previous years I’ll look again. Be safe, enjoy, great cause!

Google Photos

Wind looks good for you all.

Some complications and inbound gale made for a shortened day. Entertaining run across the Sassafras!!!



Good work :clap: hopefully onboard videos?

In Cetus HV?

Me surfing a Cetus MV with fast hands on a point and shoot camera.


:grin: action. What was average speed today, conditions and distance?

Conditions went from bumpy to chewy to time to get to the nearest landing. Having ground crew is priceless!

Some towing, a bit of swimming and lots of learning to surf kept things lively.


Day 3 Weather Hold.
Gale force winds expected through the day so Operation Deep Blue is on a weather hold for Day 3. We’ll start tomorrow from Annapolis, MD USA.


When you’re done drop all those used up boats by me. :laughing:

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I can ask the BOD if they want to sell the Leo. New as of September. :wink:

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How’s tomorrow look weather-wise?

Day 5 is a long haul of 27 miles to Cove Point Lighthouse.

Weather looks to be improving both in the precip and decreasing winds. The sand cliffs of the Chesapeake will provide some shelter that will help speed things along rather than barring our way through 2-3’ers all day.

Shoving off at 7am


Day 5 done. L3 conditions for much of the last 10 miles of the 28. A few swims. Some interesting boat, swimmer and boarding techniques on the fly. Good surfs. Everyone is ok, hale, hungry and tired. Onto the Potomac tomorrow.