Opinion on tribute 14 foot

Does anyone have an opinion on the tribute 14? I am looking at this as a first kayak for my gf. She is quite slender at 100 pounds, but not particularly short.

Is this a good boat to start out with?

As her skills increase, will this kayak continue to be a good choice?

We will be starting on small lakes and the ultimate goal is to be able to paddle in the great lakes.

One concern I have is the lack of a skeg. I definitely want two bulkheads for the kayak. Any other suggestions for similar kayak?


Manitou 14
It’s not designed for a small person but it is fairly narrow and cockpit isn’t too large. It has everything you’re looking for and it’s not something that would be outgrown quickly. Might be worth a look.

Alchemy S…

“Tribute” is a totally stupid name.


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Haven't paddled the 14, but have demoed and liked the 12. Also liked the Alchemy S. Tsunami 135 felt OK but not as playful as the Alchemy.

Good for you for looking at "smaller paddler " boats.

She may need to outfit the cockpit of whatever she gets for a better fit.

Thanks g2b…
For your powerful insight.

And thank you to everyone else for your help. The manitou is one that looks good. I hadn’t noticed that one before. The alchemy s also looks like a good suggestion.

good choices
Tribute 14 with a rudder is a fully capable touring kayak. It is surprisingly light and glides quite well. It is truly a low volume fit and has adjustable padded thigh braces to further fine tune it. Perception is not popular on this board with good reason, however they really did a nice job on this boat. My only gripe with it is that the seat back is too high to permit easy rescues/re-entries. I’d ask a shop if they would look into installing a backband on it for her.

FYI I’m a 6’5" 200 lb dude so i don’t even come close to fitting in this thing let alone paddling it, but i’ve instructed a few ladies in this boat and they have done well with edging, bracing, all of the basic strokes, and they always comment on its comfort and how easily they can keep up with everyone else.

The Tsunami 135 has essentially the same seat and outfitting, is a bit heavier and not quite as efficient a hull as the Tribute, it also is a little roomier. So for the size paddler you mentioned i’d say the tribute would be better.

You’ll never, ever see a great boat
with a stupid name.

If your goal is the Great Lakes, here are a couple of resources that might be helpful:



The spring symposium is great fun.


Another good symposium.

If she gets serious about paddling, the Avocet LV would be a good boat to try.