Opinion on Ty Warp 2T Paddles

Hi folks. I’m new to this sport for the most part and recently bought a Bell Magic to participate in the MO340 race in July. I wanted both a single and double blade paddle. I stand 5’11" and the Magic has the “pro” style sliding carbon seat and footrest installed. On the single blade, I think I’m going to get a ZRE PowerSurge FW-medium in 50". I got a great deal on a Werner Ikelos bent 220 mm double. But I’m afraid it is too much paddle for me and/or too short or something. Just not comfortable at this point. I want to try something a bit less agressive. But not something so cheap I won’t want to race with it. I found these Ty paddles with a straight carbon/glass shaft and glass blade, 223-230 adjustable ferrule with adjustable feather, weighs in at 34 oz, for $91 shipped. Any advice or suggestions? Should I try one?

Get what you pay for,
Maybe a little more. I bought one and it is a good deal for the price. But it ain’t no high end carbon paddle. It’s weightier, and the ferrule feels a bit dodgy. It has held up well in its first year, but I have a feeling the ferrule will eventually get stripped and loose. I like the adjustability of it, and other options for the price are really aluminum shaft/nylon blade or fiberglass shaft/nylon blade. As a casual paddler, I can’t complain, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped coveting my friends’ $300-$400 carbon paddles.

maybe I should try to round up a couple other paddles to try before spending more… I just don’t want to spend another $300-$400 for a paddle and then not like it either. The Warp does seem like a good price, not too much to risk.